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Dante learns why you should always read the fine print.
"How do I find him?" Dante asked.

"Just follow the signs," replied the old janitor.

"Signs? What signs? Do I drive around until I see "Turn here for Darknar?"

"Shhhhh! He can hear! Now he's bound to find you."

"But I do want him to. You said he can help me!"

"You jocks are all the same. He's not some genie here to serve your every whim. He'll help you, but he'll want something in return."

"Whatever!" Dante stormed away. What did the old guy know! He'd show him! Nothing scares the NorthStar High's star quarterback. He was just a little apprehensive, that's all. The walk home seemed longer than normal. At the end of the road was a large mansion he'd never seen before. He tried to turn around, but found himself walking back towards the house.

"Come in Dante." He didn't question how the strange voice knew his name. He walked down a long, dark hall into a small room. Filing cabinets lined the walls. In the center was a man so wrapped in shadow, Dante couldn't make out any features. "I understand you wish to make a deal?" The man asked. Dante found himself spilling it all to this man. The upstart Freshman trying to take his spot. The coach telling him his grades were too low for him to play. How his parents never cared what he did. "I have what you need," the man said. He walked over to one of the cabinets andpulled out a contract which he handed it to Dante. "Sign here and you'll get straight A's for the rest of your life, have a permanent spot in the team, and parents who care." Dante didn't need to be told twice. Without reading the paper, he signed his name on the line. The next thing he knew, he was laying down in bed

"Wake up Dante," his mother yelled. "Today's your first football game as manager." He shot up out of bed. Manager! He took in his surroundings quickly. The glasses on his bedside, held together by a piece of tape. The suspenders and pocket protector his mother had laid on top of the dress shirt and pants she had picked out for him to wear. The anime posters that had replaced his sports stars. The mirror confirmed what he already suspected.

Darknar laughed to himself as he listened to the British teen in in front of him. "So you want to be a football star? I think I just had a new spot open up."
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