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Why and Who is in the nightmare
Five Minute Nightmare

         Awoken suddenly I was entering a room by force, not knowing who or where I was. It was a cold and unforgiving place, surrounded by a dark feeling of anger, hate, and frustration. The floors were cold as the atmosphere. Curtains of dark green and black plastic made up separations in the room. Lights were fluctuating with no apparent order of brightness. Still no understanding of my plight, the feeling I had is that I was in some type of prison. Women were around me, all wearing some kind of denim one piece gowns with no ID tags of numbers or names, none that I can or was allowed to see.
         As I was being led I was forced to endure remarks of anger and angst, my arm was released with a thrust from their hands. Loneliness and abandonment filled my all, it was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced, ever. Looking and wondering aimlessly, there happen to be a scuffle that had called mine and everyone's attention. A woman grabbed a male looking person by their arm with extreme intent. I and some others were just bystanders in this melee of two, leading them to one of the dark plastic wall that so coldly divided the room into sections at which no one was able to see in them. We then heard a persistent and violent beating taking place, this poor unsuspecting soul had reached their violent demise. The sounds were horrifying, bones were heard being cracked and broken, no blood was seen, but all we heard was their broken and battered body hit the floor. In shock and dismay our faces were too afraid to show any emotion, we all needed to stay emotionless so not to receive the same ending as that poor soul just did. I found myself asking the question out loud that seem to be on everyone’s mind, “Did you just kill that guy?” We received no response or remorse for the act prior, just a cold stare, a turn and a walk in the opposite direction. It just became even colder in the room where everyone felt the extreme tension, which with the feeling of uncertainty of how is this all going to pan out and it was not to be taken lightly.
         I still had no clue to whom or where I was, or why I was even here for that matter. After a few minutes passed I started to walk up to a stainless steel counter, there someone sat on a stool of the same material as the table they looked as if they were waiting for something or someone, me perhaps? I became nervous as the counter became nearer, with a high heart rate and on the verge of hyperventilating I scrounged around for something to write on. For some reason I with everyone else could not speak or make a noise. A napkin and an old pen will have to do right now, writing will need to be done secretly so no one can see. I wrote down this strangely odd question “When you look at me, what do you see?” Then with all I could muster I slid the note nervously over to the young lady sitting next to me, while keeping the napkin well out of sight from others. At the same time how was I to know that I could trust her, I felt I needed to take that risk.
         I saw the napkin from under from my hand as I slowly slid it over to the young lady's hand sitting next to me, looking at the napkin in my hand she went to take the note from me and slid it under her hand. Finally after all the uncertainty and violence that has happened in the past five minutes I will get the answer I so desired. As the moment started to materialize my breathing became faster, palms were getting sweaty, all of my senses started to get so elevated to the future of the answer. I became totally oblivious of the events that surrounded me due to my quest and question that will be answered very shortly. I however became aware of how grim the situation is when as the answer started to come to me when all of the lights in the room faded to black and all of the sound goes blank. My question was never answered and now everyone in the room is silenced, the only sound that was only to be heard was me hyperventilating………..

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