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How much would you pay for a hit show?

          Mark Harman earns $500.000,00 dollars an episode.
      And the rest of the cast is just nifty with that. Let's calculate.
      If Mark makes half a million an episode, how much does one
      episode cost to produce? A million wouldn't cover the production
      and stunts and sets and location shots: permits, insurance...
      So, one NCIS show cost 5 to 6 million dollars.

        How much do you charge the advertisers? .... Hmmm.
      Let's say a million dollars for a 5 minute spot on a new car.
      I am certain the producer Bellisario is counting the wrinkles
      on Mr. Harman's $500.000,00 dollar smile. Do yah think?
        It is amazing how much money is poured into entertainment.
      Is NCIS a million dollar cult? I enjoy watching a cop show, but
      a marathon of reruns is brainwashing. Unless, your cast is eating
      up your production costs and you have to replay every fart for
      every dime in advertising.  There are a lot of rituals on NCIS, like
      the head slap and Star Bucks coffee placement. Whoopy!
      But, every 8th or 9th episode the cast is threaten with a write off.
      If you watch a lot of soap operas, that's when a cast member is
      written out of the show usually by killing them off.

        I would love to see one NCIS show where their fancy cars get
      jacked, while they take down a bad guy in a poor neighborhood.
      I have seen uniformed police guard their squad cars, while the other
      patrolman shoots the suspect, usually because they don't want to
      run after the suspect in leather shoes or heels. Oh, and innocent
      bystanders will block the police from catching the suspect or throw
      bottles from the roofs. But, I digress.

        And let's be real, Devi the Mossad agent is too cute.
      If you get into fist fights, you are going to lose teeth and flatten your nose.
      Besides, she's too skinny. I visited Israel. They like their women plump.
      My favorite, is Abby. She's every psycho bitch I ever loved.
      Only Emmy Peel can meet my expectations, like Abby does.
      I love a girl in leather... Hmmmm. I have an urge to sniff some leather.
      But, I digress... Mrs Soto.

        Here's a real police story. ~

        Me and my buddies were playing chicken with a Budliner.
      It's a commuter train.
      This was high school hijinks.. and we had a lot of beer.
      The last to jump out of the way wins.
      Jimmy didn't get out of the way and was cut in half.
      He lived a little while and smiled.
      Andy freaked and ran away.
      I walked up to a street pay phone and called the police.
      The police arrested me and Micheal.
      We were released with no charges filed to our dads.
      My dad forbid me to see Michael or Andy and beat me with his belt.
      Can you use it?
      Ooops. There wasn't a Marine involved, but I tried to enlist.
      I guess that scrubs my script.



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