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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1923348
Social Ethics..+

                  The bubble rattled through jungle bush.
                  It was a hot day and the climate control was
                  malfunctioning under the humid heat..

                  "You know I'm topless and sweating buckets?"
                  Misty stated and looked out of the bubble at the
                  lush green jungle.
                  "Why can't we ride without the bubble?
                  The air is clean; just a little methane wont kill us."
                  Misty wiped her forehead with her t-shirt.

                  Jasper turned from his throttle driving and smiled
                  at his voluptuous ensign .
                  He licked his parched lips,  "The temperature outside
                  is over a hundred thirty degrees. Humans can't live in
                  that heat. I've increased the speed to 20 kilometers an hour
                  but the drive is over heating." Jasper took a sip of water.

                  "Feel free to drop your trousers!" he laughed.
                  Misty smirked and removed her trousers and every stitch
                  of undergarment.
                  She wiped the sweat off her body with her trousers.
                  Jasper smirked, "You know the spacesuits have their on
                  coolant system."

                  Jasper had remained in his spacesuit.
                  "Yes I know, but I like getting you off." Misty smirked back
                  and poured water down her cleavage, letting it drip off her
                  "Beside we have to get used to this climate.
                  We're stuck here." Misty voice dropped as she spotted a
                  large dragon like creature approaching from above.

                  Jasper looked upward too and took evasive action,
                  throwing Misty's jiggly body about the bubble cabin.
                  It was padded for just such accidents.
                  Jasper evaded the fire breathing reptile, by diving the
                  hovercraft into a lake.

                  The bubble hissed as it cooled in the waters.
                  Misty grabbed hold of Jasper's crotch and yanked
                  out his cock.
                  She began fellacio ...
                  But, Jasper had too release his bladder.

                  "Pah! Gross!" Misty was splattered with piss.
                  "Gawd. Misty I'm so sorry." Jasper put the autopilot on and
                  went to the back of the bubble to take a sonic shower.
                  "A married couple has these things happen." Misty replied
                  and entered the sonic shower with Jasper.

                  "I should've told you my bladder was going to pop.
                  ... are we married?
                  Are we even alive? Have you thought about how we can
                  raise a family in this hover wagon?" Jasper's questions
                  vibrated in the sonic shower.

                  "Will find a way to make a home here." Misty returned to
                  giving Jasper fellacio and tugged on his sack.
                  "Hold it.. I'm going to put it in." she stated calmly.
                  Jasper came on her chest.
                  "Shit! Your doing this deliberately!" Misty growled.

                  "I don't think so. . " Jasper kissed Misty.
                  "We haven't enough space or supplies for a baby." he added.
                  Misty grabbed Jasper's shaft and jerked it vigorously.
                  "WE COULD BE THE LAST HUMANS ALIVE!" she shouted.
                  Jasper began to cum again .
                  Misty thrust Jasper cock inside her mound, straddling him against
                  the back of the bubble.

                  "Fucking cum!" she shouted, slapping his face.
                  "Maybe, ahhhhhh..." Jasper came inside her.
                  "Oh God." he felt a deep dread ..
                  Misty had a wicked smile and lay with her legs upward
                  against the back of the bubble.

                  Jasper was pinned under her.
                  He spotted some lights below,  "Jesus! Look!"
                  Misty held her leverage on Jasper and looked.
                  "Yes." she said calmly.
                  Jasper scrambled over Misty to the throttle controls
                  and made an emergency SOS.

                  They were rescued by a small colony.
                  It was a communist commune.
                  They held to strict contraception laws,
                  which they believed was the only way to maintain
                  the underwater population ...
                  Misty was given a contraceptive purge to prevent
                  an unwanted pregnancy.
                  Jasper was allowed to store his sperm
                  in the community sperm bank,
                  before a vasectomy.
                  All the males in the commune were treated in this way.
                  New borns were studied closely for defects.
                  If any defect was found the infant was terminated.

                  Jasper and Misty felt trapped, but could only
                  comply or face termination.
                  Fortunately, Misty was deemed a fit breeder and
                  productive citizen.
                  She never knew who the father was.
                  Jasper was deemed skilled labor and allowed
                  to live and have sex.
                  He never knew how many children he fathered from
                  his sperm donations.

                  Jasper could have been the father of hundreds.
                  "The years seem to pass quickly here, but I can't help
                  but wonder who are my children in this tiny world."
                  he confided to Misty.
                  Misty was now a GYN at the sperm bank,
                  "I can tell you Jasper that your geno is very strong and
                  mostly female." she gave a toothy.
                  "Have I had sex with my daughters?" he queried.

                  "There are only 123 colonist. .
                  It is highly probable you have, but your
                  vasectomy prevents genetic decay." Misty lifted her
                  dress and bent over before her husband.
                  Jasper responded as he had over the decades and
                  mounted her without ejaculation.
                  "I feel lost. Are you my wife or am I your dog?"
                  Jasper said after climaxing ..

                  Misty gave a toothy smile and scratched him behind his ear.
                  He turned away in despair
                  and stood at the open entrance to their bubble, masturbating
                  his still erect cock.
                  A young maid raced up to him and grabbed his throbbing cock,
                  and yanked and laughed,
                  "Your just a dry stick."  and ran off .

                  "I must be productive for the collective." Jasper said.
                  And sat down to dinner with his wife, still naked without his trousers.
                  Misty had prepared battered shrimp and breaded okra.
                  His favorite meal.
                  "You have fulfilled your contract." she replied and quickly shot him
                  in the head.
                  Misty had received a permit for the disposal of Jasper.
                  He was to be fertilizer in the new farmlands.

                  Reflections: If population control is necessary, then sexual
                                    reproduction must be the responsibility of the

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