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About a circle of friends whose spring break vacay realms acceptance,reality,and truth.
(Misha in a black coat kneeling before her mother's grave she looks sad and places a single white rose down on the ground)
Misha- I miss you mom. Very much. I just wish.... I don't know what I wish. I know what I wish. I wish this would make things easier but it doesn't. It just leaves question with no answers in my mind. In my heart. I just hope that you found peace. I love you. ( Misha gets up and turns to leave she pull her gloves out of her pocket and slips them on. She looks up to see Cecelia standing there and next to her is her father Cameron, as Misha gets to her Cecelia wraps her arm around her shoulder and they walk together)
Cecelia- she's in a good place Mee, just keep that close in your heart ok? (Misha pulls out her sunglasses and puts them on)
(At Jensen's apartment Ally laying on the bed fully clothe while Jensen's on top of her and they're kissing and making out. Jensen's cellphone starts to buzz lightly under Ally's arm. Jensen tries to reach for it but Ally pushes it away and pull his by his shoulders down closer to her not breaking their kiss. Jensen pushes Ally's arms off his shoulder and pulls up.)
Jensen- Ally. I told you I can't breathe when you do that. (as he moves away from her and rubs his lips with two fingers. Ally looks slightly sympathy)
Ally- sorry. (sighs) I just didn't want you to answer your phone. (Jensen grabs his phone off the bed he sees it says there's been three missed calls from Chloe)
Jensen- it's Chloe. I was supposed to be at her house to meet her parents. She's been trying to reach me for hours. (rubbing his head as he sits at his computer desk)
Ally- are you going to go? Because I really want you to stay with me. It's the only day I have free all week and I was hoping to spend time with you.
Jensen- Ally, I have to go. (standing up and rushing over to his closet to pull out a shirt)
Ally- you promised me that we would have tonight together. Just the two of us.
Jensen- yeah I know what I promised. I'm sorry. (putting on his shirt)
Ally- no it's okay. Your girlfriend pulls rank. I get it. (she gets off the bed and grabs her hair tie off the floor and her bag off the back of the desk chair and heads toward the door. Jensen looks at her.)
Jensen- Ally? (Ally puts her hand on the doorknob but looks back at him anyway) I would like you to stay. As soon as I'm done dealing with Chloe, I can come back and we can finish what we started. (Ally looks away
face shows hurt as she stands facing away from him Jensen walks up behind her) Ally? (grabbing her hand off the door turning her to face him)
Ally- why won't you leave her? I love you. I love us together. Don't you love what we have together?
Jensen- Ally. Please not tonight. You know how I feel about you. But you also knew when we started this sneaking around together thing that I wasn't leaving Chloe.
Ally- Yeah that's true, but you're ditching me and our night to be alone together to go be with her. That's not what I signed up for.
Jensen- if you signed up to be in a relationship, I can't give that to you. I still love Chloe. I love being with you and spending time with you but it's not in a place where I want to leave Chloe.
Ally- oh it's just in a place where you can cheat on her instead. (moving her hand from his and crossing her arms looking away from him angrily)
Jensen- whatever happened to that free-spirit attitude? The one I fall for. (Tilting up her face to his til she looks into his dark hazel eyes)
Ally- I'm starting to think that's all you fell for. (Ally turns back to the door out of Jensen's reach and leaving him alone as he sighs) (Ally marching upset through the college outside coridors seeing no one outside. She quickly grabs her cell out her bag and seeing missed calls and messages from Jace. She deletes them and runs up a flight of stairs. She comes to a row of apartments and stops in front of the last door. Leaning against the wall next to the door she wipes a single tear away that sits on her face. Taking a deep breath she lifts up the mat and grabs a key from under and unlocks the door letting herself in. She pulls off her coat and walks in tossing her coat and bag on the couch, she sits next to them as she massages her temples on her head. Misha walks down from upstairs to see her)
Misha- it's late. (Ally pulls out a bottle of vodka and unscrews the top)
Ally- then keep the key inside.
Misha- it's for emergencies only. Not so you have a place to crash and drink whenever you feel like it.
Ally- I had a bad night. I needed some place to think quietly and since you're such an understanding cousin Misha, I figured you wouldn't mind.
Misha- so what happened this time Ally? Protest with the school didn't go to your liking.
Ally- bite me. (taking another sip of the vodka)(Misha smiles and rolls her eyes at the same time as she moves to the couch towards Ally) I think I'm in love with someone. (Misha frowns)
Misha- You? you don't fall in love. You like being wild, free and untamed.
Ally- you make me sound like a horse. (shaking the thought from her head) I'm serious though. I'm really falling for this guy. (staring forward into the air)
Misha- who is he? Who's the lucky guy to have my cousin's attention?
Ally- I rather not say. Not because I don't want you to know or anything just because. (Misha nods understanding)
Misha- how does he feel about you?
Ally- don't judge... promise? (Misha nods as she sits in the chair across from her) He's with someone. When he's not with her he's with me.
Misha- Ally. I promise I'm not judging but honestly nothing good can come from this. He showing you that he'll always be capable of cheating. You should let him go. (Ally lays back and stares up at the ceiling)
Ally- On one level I know you're right. On another I have to figure this out for me.
Misha- fair enough. Goodnight. (getting to her feet)
Ally- I like how you assume I'm just spending the night. (to her back as she moves toward the stairs)
Misha- you've been drinking. You know the rules. (heading toward the stairs) (Ally looks after her as she walks)
Ally- you doing okay? (Misha looks back at her) I know your mom's funeral was tough for you today.
Misha- too soon to talk about it right now but thanks for being concern. (Ally nods as Misha goes upstairs. Misha goes into her room and closes the door she sees the picture of her mother and her as a baby on the dresser she stares at it and then she lays on her bed in thought staring up at the ceiling. She sighs and rolls onto her side. Downstairs Ally pulls out her cellphone and looks at a picture of Jensen. She sighs as she lays down on the couch and soon falls asleep) (Next day in class Misha sits at her desk looking up at the board as she rubs her neck Vinson sits next to her putting his bookbag on the floor)
Vinson- morning how's my favorite girl. (pushing a steaming cup of coffee in her direction)
Misha- super happy it's your turn to buy coffee this morning. (as she grabs the cup and sips lightly. Vinson moves closer to her and looks at her)
Vinson- where's my sunny smile at this morning? I thought suffering through chem was a team sport?
Misha- we had the funeral yesterday. (looking down at her cup and the steam coming out the top)
Vinson- you should've called me. I would have come and been there with you.
Misha- I know but.. I didn't want to be weird around you and stuff Vinson.
Vinson- do you have another friend named Vinson Whitfield? Because this one is only concerned about you. I don't care about seeing you weird all I care about is you being okay.
Misha- I know. Thanks. (looking at his friendly face and smiles)
Vinson- when you need me you just say the word and your negro in shining armor will be there. (Misha chuckles) I mean it. (Misha lays her head on his shoulder) Misha you're killing my player card. (looking at the girl in front of him) (Misha smiles and pulls him into a bear hug)(After class Misha sees Cecelia coming out of her class she walks over to her.)
Misha- hey Cece.
Cecelia-Mee-me!! (putting an arm around her)
Misha- I need an escape.
Cecelia- no problem lovely let's go. (as they head out of the building) So I have good news. We are hitting the beach for spring break. My dad's got us tickets to the hottest boy band under the sun, an amazing high rise hotel suite and a cabana full of single men. Now all you have to do is say you're in.
Misha- I was hoping to sleep spring break away.
Cecelia- a full week of sleeping with no male company. That should be a crime darling. Besides. (As they hop into Cecelia's converible car tossing their backpacks on the backseat) I'm hooking you up.
Misha- Ce, I don't want a boyfriend right now. I just lost my mom. (Cecelia turning on the car and backing it out the parking spot)
Cecelia- I am sympathic to you, you know that. But when's the last time you've had sex. (Misha sighs uncomfortable) Exactly. Jace will be the right one to warm up your system.
Misha- Jace! (As Cecelia pulls out the parking garage and down the road) Ally's Jace. Cecelia hell no.
Cecelia- first of all, your cousin and him are just friends. Second he's sexy as hell.
Misha- I'm not hooking up with Jace. He's like a brother to me.
Cecelia- you almost had sex with your brother-like figure then may I remind you. (Misha looks at her)
Misha- that's not fair. That was in high school and I was young.
Cecelia- look. You and Jace have chemistry you can't deny that. But if you need a fresh slate there will be plenty of single hot guys everywhere. Just please come. I want my bestie with me.
Misha- you're just saying that because you won't enjoy yourself if you know I'm at home laying under my bed hiding from people.
Cecelia- exactly. So please come.
Misha- who's all going?
Cecelia- well I invited Jace. He wants to invite Ally. Vinson and Zay are coming.
Misha- is Vinson bringing his girlfriend?
Cecelia- no he says they broke up. That's Vinson speak for.. I want to be single for a week while my girlfriend's away visiting relatives. I also invited Chloe and her boy toy Jensen.
Misha- boy toy? (with a wrinkled brow)
Cecelia- don't tell her I said that but her boyfriend is sumptuous-looking. I swear if I wasn't looking for action, I would be getting some of his.
Misha- eww Ce. (shaking her head looking away from her best friend's smiling face)
Cecelia- I'm determined to make this spring break rock. So will you come? (Misha looks at her as they arrive in front of the house) (Vinson talking to some girl as Zay walks out of his class) (Zay looks at him and Vinson shoots him a smile that reads 'one sec' after a minute Vinson runs to catch up with Zay as he starts to walk down the hall)
Zay- is that the girlfriend?
Vinson- yep. She just gave me the bye as she leave for her flight to Florida to visit her parents and get some sun with the girlfriends.
Zay- does she care that you're spending your break away from her and in Virginia hitting on girls?
Vinson- Zay what the girl doesn't know won't hurt her.
Zay- Vinson, I admire your player skills. But what's going to happen when you meet the right person and you turn in the player card and start to realize feeling you once had.. (Vinson looks at him and cuts him off)
Vinson- Zay as my best friend and right hand man, you should know that's never going to happen. I love women but I'm not looking to settle down. I'm looking to play the field and have fun. That's all. (putting his arm around a concern looking Zay) I can't wait for this week to be over because fun in the sun awaits us. (as they continue to walk down the hallway) (Chloe and Jensen holding hands walking outside the college building) Jenson- I'll say I'm sorry as many times as it takes for you to see that I am.
Chloe- And I've told you I've already forgiven you. (as they sit outside in the pavillion area)The point is you showed up and supported me. Moving on from that I want to ask you what are your spring break plans? (as grabs for his hand on the table)
Jenson- spending time with you. (Chloe smiles happily as he leans forward and kisses her softly)
Chloe- Cecelia's going to Virginia Beach and her dad's paying for everything. We've been invited to join. Do you want to?
Jenson- a free trip? Hell yeah. Quality time with you. I couldn't ask for anything better. (he leans in to kiss her again Chloe kisses him) Count me in. (Chloe pulls him into another kiss) (Jace texting outside against a tree when Ally walks up to him)
Ally- you can text and call as many times as you like. When I'm unavaliable, I mean it. (Jace looks up at her)
Jace- you were with him again?
Ally- You know..(sitting next to him) I'm starting to regret telling you about Jensen and me. (As Jace looks at her)
Jace- Ally you're my best friend. Jensen isn't right for you.
Ally- and who is Jace..you? (Jace leans into her and smiles)
Jace- just because I flirt with you doesn't mean I want to date you. (Jace looks at her seriously) or at least I don't think so.
Ally- be serious. (pushing him away)
Jace- you know he'll hurt you. He has no plans on leaving Chloe. He loves her.
Ally- and he doesn't love me. Right? (rolles her eyes while toying with her beaded bracelet on her arm)
Jace- actually he might. But he's not willing to leave her for you.
Ally- you don't know that.
Jace- I wish you weren't in denial about this. (grabbing her hand and holding it Ally looks down at his hand caressing hers) I love you and I don't like to see you hurting.
Ally- I walked out on him last night. He was going to leave our make-out session to go meet with her and her parents. I can't believe him. I can't just ignore how I feel though. (Jace moves his hands away from hers)
Jace- so what are you planning to do?
Ally- maybe if I have sex with him..( Jace looks at her with a angry look)
Jace- are you out of your mind?!! (Ally rolls her eyes and gets up and starts to walk away from him Jace follows her) Having sex will only make things worse. It'll complicate your head.
Ally- so what am I suppose to do Jace? (turning to face him head on) Pretend I don't have feelings for him. I'm falling for him and I'm not just going to ignore that.
Jace- then come with me for spring break. Get your mind off him. Cecelia's dad is paying for a trip to virginia beach. I asked if you could come with us. She said it's fine. Give yourself a week. If you still feel the same when we get back I'll help you figure all this out.
Ally- And if I don't go, you won't?
Jace- Ally if you stay here and don't go on this trip, I'll fall in love with you and make your whole world complicating. (Ally watches as Jace sticks out his lower lip and give her puppy face eyes) (Ally smiles a little and Jace hugs her) (Misha in Cecelia's kitchen pouring juice when Cameron walks in wearing his business suit and his briefcase)
Cameron- hey Misha.
Misha- Hi Mr Rhodes. Nice seeing you.
Cameron- how have you been sweetheart? Dealing with everything.
Misha- I'm okay. One day at a time right?
Cameron- of course. I'm actually really glad to see you. I wanted to give you an update about your mom's will. My firm's team is looking over it now and I should have an answer for you on some of the paperwork in a few weeks. Information about her life insurance and things.
Misha- of course I knew it was going to take some time to sort through.
Cameron- well Misha you are an extraordinary person. I was telling my colleagues of what an amazing best friend my daughter has in her life. ( Misha smiles) If you need anything all you have to do is ask. (Misha nods and smiles again) Your dad was my best friend and I loved him like a brother. I know he would've wanted me to take care of you.
Misha- I know he would appreciate all that you've done so far thanks. (Cameron nods as he loosens up his tie. Misha sees his arm muscles flexing through his shirt as he slips off his jacket)
Cameron- where is Cecelia?
Misha- showering. She super excited about the spring break trip.
Cameron- well I know you girls will be good.
Misha- girls?
Cameron- yeah. Chloe and your cousin and you two. (Misha tries to hide the surpise from her face but Cameron catches it) It is just the girls right? (Cecelia walks in)
Cecelia- of course daddy. No boys as you said. (as she hugs him)(Cameron looks over Cecelia to Misha)
Cameron-Misha? (in a deep voice)
Misha- I can't lie to him Ce. (Cecelia looks at her and frowns)
Cameron- but apparently my daughter can. (Cecelia looks at her dad with angel eyes)
Cecelia- Chloe wants her boyfriend to be there and maybe some other boys.
Cameron- how many Cecelia?
Cecelia- four total. Please dad.
Cameron- fine. (Cecelia smiles) But with parent supervision.
Cecelia- you want to come to Virginia with us?
Cameron- why not I can clear my schedule. It'll be good to spend some time with my daughter and get to know her. (winks at Misha who smiles back)
Cecelia- fine as long as you don't ruin our fun. (Cameron smiles) Let me go grab my coat and I'll drive you back to your apartment Mee. (Misha nods as she turns to sip her juice Cameron leans back against the counter loosing up his tie and Misha looks at his muscle bulging behind his shirt as she hides her face while drinking) (She then notices Cameron's eyes looking down at hers she turns away embrassed) (Later that week Ally pulls out her suitcase when there's a knock at her door she opens it to Misha)
Misha- so I heard you were invited but I wanted to stop by to see the actually packing for myself. (Ally lets her walk in and closes the door behind her) what will the boy you're lusting over do without you for a week?
Ally- who cares. I promised Jace I'd put it out of my mind for this trip.
Misha- what's with the sore attitude? (Ally looks at Misha as she sits on the couch)
Ally- how old were you when you had sex for the first time?
Misha- I've never had sex. (Ally shoots her a look and Misha quickly sits up straight) okay. I was 17 years old. It was not what I imagined it to be. I did it with someone I cared about though. I recommend you wait unti you're in love and vice versa. It's really not worth your first time if its not in that way. Have you been thinking about having sex? (Ally sits on top of her suitcase)
Ally- maybe. I'm not really sure yet but he's worth it to me.
Misha- Ally be reasonable about this. You won't even tell me who it is you've fallen for. What makes him so special that he earns this special gift from you? Ally you're seeing someone who's in a relationship with someone else, possibly in love with someone else he's not worth this. (Ally sighs)
Ally- god you sound like Jace. (Misha stands up madly) Misha I have to figure this out for myself.
Misha- if you sleep with him you'll be a mistake. (glaring angrily at her)
Ally- then it's my mistake to make. Stay out of my personal life. (looking at her with cold eyes)
Misha- I just don't want you to get hurt. Ally it sounds like this guy is taking advantage of you. Just be smart about this. Please. (Misha walks over to her kisses her forehead and turns) I'll see you tommorrow for the trip. (she heads for the door and leaves Ally sighs sadly)
(Next day Cecelia and her dad has a big suv on the college campus loading up coolers full of drinks)
Cecelia- thanks dad this trip is going to be amazing. (Vinson and Zay walk over with a duffle bag each)
Zay- hey Ce. Ready for us?
Vinson- Virginia here we come.
Cameron- lets get this stuff loaded up. (Ally, Jace, and Misha walking up with their bags)
Ally- a whole week on the beach.
Misha- no school, no teachers.
Jace- being alone with me by moonlight. (Misha smiles)
Ally- in your dreams Jace. (Ally sees Jensen and Chloe walking towards them with suitcases) Who invited them?
Misha- Cecelia. That's Chloe and her boyfriend Jensen. (Jace looks at Ally face erupt into horror as Misha walks up to Chloe to say hi.)
Ally- are you kidding me (as she and Jace walk around the car the opposite way) How am I supposed to be around him and her?
Jace- we'll deal with it. Relax. (Jensen approaches them with Chloe)
Chloe- hi guys.
Jensen- hi I'm Jensen. This is Chloe my girl. (looking at Ally)
Jace- nice to meet you both. I'm Jace this is Ally.
Chloe- Misha's cousin. (nodding) Nice to meet you Ally... and you Jace. (Jace smiles) (Ally looks away)
Cameron- let's load up guys. Traffic's light and we should get going. Misha want to be my wing woman. (Looking at Misha)
Misha- sure if Ce doesn't mind.
Cecelia- are you kidding me, you'd be doing me a favor all he does is talk.
Zay- cool. Cecelia I wanted you to see my new ipod anyway. (As Zay and Vinson climb into the back first getting settled) This is going to be a fun trip. (As Ally and Jace sit in front of them and Cecelia sits between Zay and Vince. Jensen and Chloe sit in front of Ally and Jace. Cameron closes the trunk and Misha hops into the passenger front seat next to Cameron as he starts the car.)
Cameron- Next stop Virginia beach. Only two hours away. (starts driving)
Cecelia- so listen up everyone. My dad booked a huge suite for us with five large bedrooms. One for each couple and friend set.
Cameron- Cecelia. (in a stern voice)
Cecelia- oh right my dad doesn't want anyone pregant on this trip too. (Cameron smiles over at Misha who blushes) So Jace and Ally, double bed, Jensen and Chloe king bed, Misha and I, queen doubles, Zay and Vinson doubles. My dad will have the master in its own seperate quarters away from us. And never the two shall meet. (Jensen smiles at Chloe as she squeals in happiness. Ally looks away from them and out the window Jace rubs her leg in comfort) (Misha looks down at her cell phone as the others are talking with each other in the back. Cameron looks over at her.)
Cameron- so planning on meeting someone down at the beach?
Misha- I don't know I was kinda just hoping to get out of my head with everything that's going on. (Cameron looks at her briefly)
Cameron- you definitely have more strength and courage than most young adults your age. I know it's probably too soon to talk about your mom but she was a strong person and everyday I see her strength in you. (He puts a hand on her knee) Good memories Misha that's what helps you get through it. It's what helped me get past Cecelia's mom's passing.
Misha- thanks. (Misha looks at his hand as it stokes her legs gently. She looks up at his face as he keeps his eyes on the road rubbing her leg) Cecelia's mom was an amazing person. I bet you miss her everyday.
Cameron- I do. I wish it wasn't cancer that claimed her life. But when I see Cecelia's smile it reminds me of her so much. I loved her. (Misha notices his fingers drawing on her leg) Misha. You're a wonderful young woman. Don't ever change okay?
Misha- I won't. (Looking forward as his hand finally moves off her leg) (At the hotel Misha sees Zay and Vinson passed out on their beds in their rooms. She closes the door. She walks out to the dazzling common area/ kitchen area where Cecelia, Chloe, Jensen, Jace and Ally all lay tiredly stretched out.) I'm thinking we should all take a nap and regroup around nine. Zay and Vinson are already knocked out.
Cecelia- yeah a couple hours of sleep will do us some good then we can hit our first club for dancing. (she heads to the room Jace helping her carry things.) (Misha heads the opposite direction to the living room area. Ally goes to make her a cup of juice. Chloe stands)
Chloe- I'm going to go lay down too. Jensen come with me we can cuddle.(Looking at Jensen)
Jensen- yeah in a few I'm going to grab a drink babe. (heading to the kitchen he steps in and closes the door behind him) I didn't know you'd be here with me. I like surpises. (Looking at Ally as she sips her drink with her back to him) You playing hard to get Ally-girl. I miss you. (Ally faces him)
Ally- good for you. (trying to move past him but he blocks her playfully with a smile)
Jensen- what's with you? (She puts down the cup on the counter)
Ally- I haven't heard from you in a week or see you and then you show up on this trip with your girlfriend and you make out with her in my face on our way up here. Jensen we're done I'm not continuing this so get out of my way.
Jensen- Ally. I want to spend time with you always but Chloe does come first. She's my girlfriend.
Ally- and what am I. The girl you cheat on your girlfriend with?
Jensen- no. (moving closer to her) You're the girl who has my heart. My love. I love you Ally.
Ally- if you love me leave her. (backing away from him) (Jensen looks at her with sad eyes) I wanted to sleep with you. I wanted to make love with you. (in a small voice) I won't until you leave her. (Jensen steps aside as Ally pushes past him and leaves him in the kitchen. Misha knocks on the half open door to Cameron's room as he's charging his phone. She walks in)
Cameron- hey Misha. I'm just getting settled in. Are you guys off to your adventures?
Misha- actually they're all knocked out. I guess the car ride caught up to everyone. We're gonna leave later tonight.
Cameron- don't you want to get some sleep? (as he sits on his couch across the room)
Misha- actually. I have a question to ask you.
Cameron- okay. Come in. (Misha comes in and walks toward him)
Misha- My mom and you used to be friends. I don't really have many good memories before her drug addiction. I was wondering if you'd help me figure it out.
Cameron- I would love to. Come sit down. (Misha sits down and turns to face him. Cameron smiles as he begins to tell her about his stories with her mom and Misha listens attentively to him) (Ally sees Jace laying on his bed on top of the cover she walks over to him with a tear soaked face. She sits on his bed Jace wakes)
Jace- Ally? (voice dripped with concern)
Ally- he's such a jerk.
Jace- lay down with me baby. (He pulls her down beside him he hugs her tight then backs away his face is on a pillow looking back at her on the opposite pillow)
Ally- why do I do this to myself?
Jace- you're a great human being . You just want someone to love you. Why it has to be Jensen Walsh however I don't know.
Ally- I was going to sleep with him Jace.
Jace- but you didn't. You came and got into bed with me instead. (they smile at each other)(Ally puts a hand on his face)
Ally- thanks.
Jace- Always Allycat. (They fall asleep) (Vinson looking out the window as he lays on his bed Zay awakes and looks over at him)
Zay- I guess the women of Virginia better be alert tonight Vinson Whitfield is here to take over.
Vinson- yep I am. You going to be my wingman. (looking over at Zay)
Zay- I always am aren't I. (getting up to sit at the edge of Vinson's bed) So what's the strategy for tonight? Are we being cool and collected? Wild and free? Sad and lonely? Desperate..
(Vinson smiles)
Vinson- I'm not sure yet. I love being in a new place with different surrounding. We can be whoever we want to be. (Zay nods as Vinson grabs his suitcase off the floor and puts it on the chair next to his bed.)
Zay- we can. Be anybody. (watching Vinson pull out his cologne) I'm gonna look up club location and see where we can head first.
Vinson- sounds like a plan. (Zay pulls out his laptop and begins to hook it up) (Misha laughing with Cameron on the couch as they look at each other)
Misha- really my mom could do backflips.
Cameron- really knew how to shut your father and I up. But it was just one of her many talents. Your mother was a talent in herself. Just like you Misha. (Misha blushes and smiles)
Misha- I'm lucky not talented. (Cameron's face turns to look at her in an intrigued matter)
Cameron- how do you figure that?
Misha- I just am. (putting her hands in her lap. Cameron watches a single strand of hair falls beside her face. He stares at it)
Cameron- do you think you're beautiful? (Misha looks at him with a confused look) I think you're a beautiful person. Inside and out. (Misha bites her lip and Cameron's eyes are instantly drawn to it he groans) baby don't do that.
Misha- why? (with a curious stare. Cameron watches as she nibbles on it longer and he moves close to her and kisses her startling her and pulling her into a very lustful kiss. He strokes her cheek gently as she kisses his back and her hands travel down to his pants where she feels his hardness growing. She moves herself closer extending the kiss he continues to kiss her back then he pulls away slowly.)
Cameron- stop. (getting to his feet)
Misha- why? (looking at him confused)
Cameron- Misha. This is inappropriate behavior on my part.
Misha- mine too.(MIsha eyes move away from his) I take full responsibility.
Cameron- I'm sorry. (rubbing his mouth)
Misha- I wanted to kiss you. Don't apologize to me. (Looking at him innocently)
Cameron- you don't know what you want. Your mom just died and you're kissing your best friend's father. (glaring at her) Please. Leave.
(Misha gets up and heads toward the door. Cameron turns away from her. Misha looks at him as she closes the door still inside. She locks it)
Misha- I felt you. You were hard for me.
Cameron- Misha.
Misha- you want me. (Cameron sighs still facing away)
Cameron- that doesn't make this right. So leave. Please.
(Misha walks over to him and lifts his shirt up from the back and starts to kiss his back slowly. Cameron shallows hard closing his eyes restaining himself.)
Misha- just kiss me. I'll leave alone if you still want afterwards. (Cameron turns and faces her looking weary. He sits on the bed that puts them at eye level. Misha moves between his legs and puts her hand on his face. She caresses him and then she kisses him lightly on the lips and she strokes his hardiness. Cameron kisses her on the neck and then on the lips as he cups her butt and squeezes it as they lay on the bed kissing passionately) (Zay and Vinson come out the room dressed to hit the club. Jensen and Chloe look at them from the couch. Cecelia walking in staring at them as she walks over near them)
Cecelia- hmmm. Sexy alert. I thought we were leaving together. (putting her hands on her hips trying to look upset)
Vinson- we're going to go get a head start since we can drink and the youngsters can't.
Cecelia- well save a dance for me. (as Zay walks up and gives her a half hug)
Zay- we will. (as they head out. Jensen and Chloe start kissing as Cecelia closes the door behind Zay and Vinson leaving looks over and sees them)
Cecelia- okay guy we get it you're in love knock it off and get dressed.
Chloe- don't be a love killer Ce. (Leading Jensen by the hand to their room)
Cecelia- Jace, Ally, Misha. Come on guys we're leaving in one hour!! (Jace stirs and sees Ally sleeping face right in front of his.)
Jace- Ally? (Ally stirs slightly) If you want to still want to go out they're leaving soon. You might want to get up. (As he plays with a small strand of her hair)
Ally- I don't want to. (Jace looks at her angelic sleepy face as she remains with her eyes closed)
Jace- okay, we'll stay in bed then. (Ally nods still with her eyes closed) Alright I'll go tell Cecelia then. (as he gets up he comes out the room and closes the door quietly and runs right into Jensen) oh sorry.
Jensen- no problem. Is Ally getting dressed?
Jace- no she's sleeping in my bed. (Jensen frowns confused) We're staying in tonight instead of going out with you guys.
Jensen- what do you mean in your bed? She has her own bed right?
Jace- Jensen. Look let's not pretend. Ally's told me everything. We are friends after all. I know you're playing her and you're playing your girl. So drop this playful act.
Jensen- Ally and I are friends. Our friendship has nothing to do with you.
Jace- yeah it does. Cause I care for her. So stay away from her. (as he tries to leave Jensen scoffs and Jace turns to face him)
Jensen- I could have her. (in a low voice) She's in love with me. Do you really think that's going to change?
Jace- yeah it is. Because if you don't stay away from her I'll tell Chloe her boyfriend is two-timing.
Jensen- no you won't because you'd have to tell her who it is. And you won't throw Ally under a bus. Or would you? (he walks off) (Jace goes back into the room and lays next to Ally as she sleeps softly)
Jace-Ally? (he whispers after a second) (Ally eyes flutter open slightly)
Ally- yeah? (sleepy) (Jace looks at her face and leans closer to her. Ally's eyes close again. Jace strokes her face and pushes her hair away from her face. His finger moves down to her lip and traces her bottom lip. Ally's eyes open a little.) Jace? What is it? What's wrong?
Jace- he can't have you. I want you.
Ally- what are you talking about? (sleepy)
Jace- nothing. Allycat just sleep. (Ally closes her eyes and drifts to sleep as do Jace) (Jensen sees Chloe and Cecelia dressed in the common room ready to leave)
Chloe- where's Jace and Ally?
Jensen- staying in. Ally's asleep and she doesn't want to go.
Cecelia- well I can't find Misha anywhere I'm assuming she's left already. So let's go I have a taxi downstairs ready. (Chloe smiles as she heads out with them) (Zay and Vinson drinking at the strip club with girls on their laps)
Vinson- this is the life. (Pull out a cigar and lights it)
Zay- is that a cigar?
Vinson- yep the good ones. Want one?
Zay- no V. thanks I can do without lung cancer. (Girl gets off his lap and starts dancing in front of Zay. Zay watches uncomfortable) When are we meeting up with the others?
Vinson- probably later I want to get my money's worth. (as he sticks his head in the strippers boobs he laughs. Zay continues to watch the girl in front of him shake her ass at him Zay sighs) (Misha looks at Cameron as he pulls up his pants slightly uncomfortably)
Cameron- that was nice.
Misha- You seemed to enjoy it. You were rock hard. (she looks at him as he straightens himself) Besides I want to take things slow.
Cameron- going slow doesn't entitle blow jobs and finishing in your mouth.
Misha- true but I wanted to. (Cameron watches her as she pushes her hair back away from her face)
Cameron- you should go. Cecelia will be looking for you soon.
Misha- I will. Just don't say this was a mistake. (standing in front of him straightening his shirt collar)
Cameron- Misha. You're a beautiful girl and I didn't want to stop myself with you tonight.
Misha- so don't. (putting her hand on the back of his neck pulling him down towards her caughting his mouth in a kiss)(Cameron kisses her just as passionately back)
Cameron- I can't (resting his forehead on hers breaking their kiss)when you're on your knees begging me to release inside your mouth. (Stroking her shoulders) It's my weakness for you when you entice me. I just don't want to hurt you.
Misha- you won't. I'm almost twenty one. I'm free to make my own decisions.
Cameron- I won't say tonight was a mistake. That I came on to you and that I wanted you. But it can't continue. Cecelia is my daughter and I can't be involved with her friends. So please. We can't do this ever again. (removing his hands away from her shoulders)
Misha- And what if I don't want to stop? What if I want more?
Cameron- find someone your own age Misha. I can't be involved with you. (Misha looks at him in disbelief before sulky heading toward the door. She leaves and Cameron groans deeps and sighs.) (Cecelia at the bar hitting a guys as Jensen and Chloe sit in a corner making out) (Zay and Vinson walk in, Vinson's drunk as Zay holds him up)
Zay- what were those cigars? Pot. You're drunk.
Vinson- Zay buddy you should've sent me home with the strippers who could make their booties pop.
Zay- how about I get you you a nice popping cup of coffee to sober you up before you go home and Cecelia's dad sees you.
Vinson- good idea. (Zay props Vinson into a seat at an empty table and then heads to the bar) (He taps Cecelia who smiles at him)
Cecelia- hey where have you been you were supposed to be here hours ago?
Zay- we were at a stripper club. Vinson got drunk or high.
Cecelia- if my dad sees him he'll be grass. (Zay nods as he orders coffee) (Jensen moves off Chloe and rubs his lips she looks at him confused)
Chloe- what's wrong?
Jensen- I'm just tired.
Chloe- you've been a little distant all night. Something on your mind.
Jensen- no just tired. It's been a long day with the drive and all.
Chloe- well tommorrow we'll be well rested and you can see my new bathing suit. I think you'll like it.
Jensen- yeah. (distracted looking away from her)
Chloe- are you sure you're okay? (with worried hidden in her voice Jensen looks at her and pulls her hand up to his mouth for a light kiss)
Jensen- yeah. Let get something to drink. (Chloe nods smiling as they head to the bar) (Cecelia looks back over at Zay as he grabs for the coffee)
Cecelia- hey have you guys seen Misha? I couldn't find her all night and she wasn't at home when we left.
Zay- no not with us. Maybe she went to the hotel pool. You know how much she love jacuzzing at night.
Cecelia- yeah maybe. (Zay turns with the coffee to see Vinson at a different table making out with a dark skin girl, he looks upset. He walks over.)
Zay- Vinson? (Vinson looks at him) I'm trying to sober you up.
Vinson- Zay! (smiling) there's my coffee man. This is Vanessa. Isn't she goddess quality? (Zay gives a hestiant smile)
(Later that evening Cecelia walks into her room to see Misha sitting up in bed)
Cecelia- there you are. (Misha looks over at her with tired eyes) Where have you been all night?
Misha- oh.. uh sorry I kind of wondered off.
Cecelia- And did what by yourself? Found a jacuzzi? (smiling)
Misha- Yeah I went swimming. Lost track of time chilling out. But yeah I'm fine. I'm sorry if I worried you. (Cecelia peels off her heels and climbs into bed next to Misha)
Cecelia- well a little but I want to know more about your night. Tell me was there anyone up in the jacuzzi to make bubbles with?
Misha- One guy yes. (rolling her eyes as Cecelia squeals giving a smile clap) He's a local guy and we had a little conversation no big deal. I doubt I'll even see him again. (Looking down slightly sad)
Cecelia- Did you kiss him? (smiling)
Misha- there was quite a few actually but I'm just enjoying spring break.
Cecelia- well I met a few guy tonight myself at the club. I'm thinking spring break is going to have endless possibilites. (Misha smiles as Cecelia down on the bed)(Chloe crawls into bed with Jensen and cuddles with him)
Chloe- you know I'm not tired yet. Why don't we make the most of this bed and have a nightly cap of our making out expertise. (rubbing his exposed rock hard abs)
Jensen- I'm tired Clo. How about tommorrow?
Chloe- sure but you did hear what I said right?
Jensen- yeah. (Looking at her with distracted eyes)
Chloe- I want to have sex Jensen. I want my first time to be with you Jenson. (Jensen looks at her as she settles down onto his chest falling asleep)
Jensen- yeah I heard you. (as he lays there looking up at the ceiling) (Zay comes out the bathroom to see Vinson laying on his bed eyes closed)
Zay- Vinson? wake up you're on the wrong bed. Vince!
(Vinson eyes still close as a smile appears)
Vinson- I know but I like this one.
Zay- Vince I'm tired please move.
Vinson- Fine. (As Vinson get up and moves to his bed he peels back the covers and crawls in) What a night right? Can't wait til tommorrow so we can do it again.
Zay- oh joy. (tone very flat)
Vinson- what? (noticing)
Zay- I'm not having fun, in fact this is making me miserable. All you want to do is get drunk with strippers all night. Can we have fun doing something else?
Vinson- okay tommorrow we'll do something you want to do.
Zay- thank you.
Vinson- anything for my best friend. (Zay smiles as he climbs into bed)

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