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About a circle of friends whose spring break vacay realms acceptance,reality,and truth.
) (Next day Cameron cooking breakfast when Misha walks in rubbing her eyes)
Cameron- good morning Misha. Pancakes for you this morning?
Misha- yes please thanks. (as she sits at the island) I guess we're going to pretend last night didn't happen. (in a low voice)
Cameron- Misha. (in a stern voice)
Misha- I miss you. I miss touching you, feeling you. I need you. (Madly he slams down the spatula and walks down the hall towards his room. Misha gets up to follow him. Cameron holds his head as he sits on the bed.)
Misha- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to anger you. It's just that I felt something last night and it wasn't just sexual. I want to know that's all. Please look at me. (she goes over to him and rubs his head softly and she puts her hands under his head to force him to look up at her. She sees fear and lust in his eyes. Cameron looks at her as she moves into kissing him softly he passionately returns her kiss pulling her onto the bed) (Ally awakes in Jace's bed she sits up rubbing her eyes)
Ally- Jace? (she hears the shower so she looks over at her untouched bags and moves over to her bed and pull out clothes when she hears the shower cut off and Jace walks in wearing a wrapped towel around his waist.)
Jace- morning. How'd you sleep?
Ally- well considering I slept with you, like a baby. (using a sarcastic tone)
Jace- I love you too. (in a playful voice)
Ally- did you go out last night? (removing her bracelet from her arm)
Jace- no after Jensen threatened me I stayed in bed with you. (Ally looks at him concerned) Don't worry I put him in his place. He wasn't too happy about hearing you were in my bed though.
Ally- you told him that? (in a mad glare)
Jace- yeah and he was insanely jealous.
Ally- he was. (glare disappearing as Jace nods) He wants to play tug-a-war with my heart strings but he doesn't want anyone else taking me away from him.
Jace- he's controlling like that. Possessive.
Ally- I'm not surpise. (Jace pulls out clothes out his bag)
Jace- I have to admit I'm jealous of him.
Ally- why? (with a crinkled look)
Jace- because you're looking in his direction. The wrong direction however. But still. (Ally smiles and crosses her arms and walks over close to Jace)
Ally- and what direction should I be looking in... yours? (Jace sits on the bed and holds Ally by the hips as she looks down at him)
Jace- I wish you would. I have way more to offer you than just empty promises and someone on the side.
Ally- oh really what do you have Jace? (as she playfully messes with his hair)
Jace- geninue care and love for you. ( with serious eyes which catch Ally's) (Ally looks at him as he stands up and corners her against the wall)
Ally- Jace. (in a whisper as her eyes lock with his)(Jace leans down towards hers as she closes her eyes and puts her hands on either side of his face and softly brings them to her as his lips entwined with her and he kisses her very sweetly Ally slowly responds kissing him back. Ally kisses get more urgent and rough but Jace matches her for each one and he steadies hisself as she pulls him in for more. Jace slowly stops kissing her and backs his head away from her reach as his arms straddle the wall around her. Ally looks at him innocently with passion in her eyes.)
Jace- I have to stop kissing you.
Ally- why?
Jace- because if I don't I'm going to do something I'm not sure you want yet.
Ally- what? (breathing softly Jace gives her a passionately look. Ally frowns at him confused) Kissing makes you want to have sex? (Jace moves away from her and turns back towards his clothes)
Jace- we've been friends for a while now. I've wanted to be with you for a while now. I can't pretend I don't have those feelings for you.
Ally- I always thought you like Misha like that. You two almost had sex together.
Jace- I've never kissed Misha like that. I've never felt heat like that with anyone else. So what does that tell you?
Ally- Jace I don't want to hurt you. (Jace looks upset) I'm confused enough about this whole Jensen thing as it is. (crossing her arms looking into his eyes)
Jace- so don't. (moving away from her to the dresser behind him) We'll pretend it didn't happen.
Ally- it's kind of hard to forget a kiss like that didn't happen. (Jace turns to her clearly upset)
Jace-then what do you want to do? Clearly two minutes ago you didn't want me to stop. (Ally shakes her head)
Ally- don't okay. (looking at him with concern)
Jace- don't what? (upset) Tell you I'm way better for you than that cheating ass loser next door.
Ally- Jace do you think I haven't thought about it? I've had feelings for you before, but our friendship means too much to me to risk losing you.
Jace- that's nice use our friendship as a cop out.
Ally- that's not what I'm doing.
Jace- whatever makes it easy for you to fall into bed with that loser then go ahead. (he grabs his bag and leaves the room. Ally sighs clearly sadden) (Misha in the kitchen when Cecelia walks in)
Misha- morning. (smiling)
Cecelia- morning. (grabbing toast and orange juice off the counter) I think Ally and Jace are fighting. I heard agruing coming from their room.
Misha- lover's quarrel.
Cecelia- I didn't know they were dating. (looking shocked at Misha's inquire)
Jace- we're not and we never will be. (standing in the doorway clearly mad in a towel with his bag over his shoulder) Is it okay if I finish getting dressed in your room. I can't deal with Ally right now.
(Cecelia nods Jace storms off to the room. Jensen and Chloe walk in.)
Chloe- morning girls.
Misha- hey.
Chloe- please tell me shopping is in our itinerary today?
Cecelia- you must have read my mind of course.
Jensen- I'll be hanging with the guys then, no why I'm holding any purses.
(Chloe smiles up at him. Ally walks in looking slightly upset Jensen looks at her)
Jensen- morning Ally.
Ally- morning. (in a grumpy voice moving past Chloe and Jensen on the couch)
Chloe- Ally are you doing shopping with us today?
Ally- I don't know. I hate shopping. (looking at the toast at the bar)
Jensen- wow a girl that hates shopping. Pinch me I'm dreaming. (Chloe playfully hits his arm.)
Misha- what was all that agruing with you and Jace this morning?
Ally- I rather not talk about it. (Ally goes into the kitchen Misha follows her looking at her with confusion)
Misha- Ally, you and Jace never fight.
Ally- There's always a first time for everything. (Ally looks at Misha who has her arms crossed waiting for an answer.) Fine you really want to know? (Misha continues to just look at her) He told me he had feelings for me then he kissed me and I responded. But I told him it couldn't go anywhere with us because I don't want our friendship to suffer if things don't work out.
Misha- Jace kissed you?
Ally- see you're surpised too.
Misha- not really. I've seen how protective he is of you.
Ally- I don't care. I do like someone else and even if I didn't I can't date him. I don't like him like that.
Misha- why do I get the feeling that's not your honest answer? (shaking her head in disbelief)
Ally- think what you want. Jace and I aren't happening. (Ally leaves the kitchen Misha sighs as she leans against the counter) (Zay getting dressed when Vinson walks in wearing a towel)
Vinson- god I feel like I have a hangover times six. (holding his head)
Cecelia's voice- Zay, Vinson breakfast!!
Vinson- oh god did she have to yell that? (holding his head) I'm going back to bed.
Zay- I guess you'll think twice before you take mystery cigars?
Vinson- I'm going to sleep until my head stops pounding. (putting on boxers under his towel)
Zay- you do remember that we're supposed to do what I want today right?
Vinson- if I can pull myself out of bed by then. (taking off the towel and hopping into bed with his boxers on)
Zay- Vince come on. You said today was my choice of fun.
Vinson-fine give me a couple of hours to sleep this off then I promise the rest of the day yours okay? (closing his eyes Zay heads out to the common area) (Zay sees Jace sitting at the beach at the picnic table he walks over)
Zay- hiding out here? (looking at Jace folded arms and hurt stricken face)
Jace- hey Zay. I'm just thinking.
Zay- you okay? (looking at Jace as he stands up)
Jace- I will be. I just made an ass out of myself and trying to gain my self respect back. (Zay smiles)
Zay- I think we've all been there and back.
Jace- I allowed myself to fall for someone who is in a situation with someone else. Now I'm the one on the outs looking like an idiot.
Zay- I get the feeling it won't always be this way. Hang in there buddy. (putting a hand on his shoulder) (Cecelia and Chloe by the front door when Misha comes up behind them)
Misha- you guys go ahead I'm going to see if I can get Ally to maybe change her mind I'm meet you at the car in five minutes.
Cecelia- okay. (they head outside)(Misha waits to see them step on the elevator through the door then she closes it and heads to Cameron's room. She hears a woman's voice as she gets closer. She peeks through the partially open door to see Cameron and a woman drinking on the couch. Misha is furious as Cameron kisses her softly. Cameron leans back and sees Misha's face through the door. Misha turns and runs off upset.) (Ally in her room on her bed when there's a knock she opens it to Jensen.)
Jensen- we've got some time alone what do you say we put it to good use?
Ally- I'm not interested.
Jensen- Ally. (walking in and closing the door behind him locking it) You are so brilliant. The agrument this morning, staying behind from the girls day ventures to spend time with me. You are so smart.
Ally- this wasn't planned. I'm really not interested in you being in here right now. (Jensen pushes her on the bed and takes off his shirt)
Jensen- how about we take this to the next level? Chloe asked me to have sex with her last night but I turned her down because I wanted you to be my first. (Ally looks up at him with renewed interest) Ally I love you. (As he comes down to her face to kiss her) Please don't make me. Make love with me please. (Ally looks into his sincere eyes as he kisses her and grinds against her on the bed. Ally unbuttons his pants, Jensen kisses her back just as hard lifting her shirt over her head and it falls to the floor as they continue to kiss on the bed.)
Ally- do you have protection? (moving away from his mouth as Jensen smiles down at her)
Jensen- of course baby. (Pulling her back into his kiss)

More Come Soon. Stay Tuned!
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