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by Anass
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Chapter I

In a place called Mue in Africa, there was a young boy called Nello. Nello was adopted by a family of two, the father and the mother. The mother always loved to have children, but that never happened. When she founds Nello she was so happy to rase him. Nello the young lonely boy whos going to fight to see his real parents, this is his story.

Susan the Mother found the little baby in a bag with a note in a Friday night, while she was having a dinner with her husband John. She found him after somone Knocked in the door, Susan opened the door but no one was there only the bag with the baby. Susan went back to her Husband with tears in her eyes she gave John the note and he starts reading.

- " ..I am so sorry i didnt had the courage to talk with you, im a very shy women i do believe this is a mistake giving my little boy away, but i also believe in you Mr John, i knew you cant have children so i wanted you to adopt my son Nello, take care of him give him all the love and care uve got and tell Susan to be his mom
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