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This is a short story about a mans life & how he got to where he is in his life right now
Hi there
This is soulmanlondon(www.imvu.com) and i just wanted to let you get a hind sight into the bavk ground of soulman & how he acts like he does on line you can say this film is like another snatch film lol however i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it

I don't remember much of my early years, i get little flash backs of when i were a little snotty nosed 4 year old boy, running around in a Turkish village with bare feet & just having no care in the world. I really loved those days, i used to wake up go & play in the village square with the other kids chase the girls around & awww i remember one day we were playing in the village square and two of my friends started arguing & fighting then all of a sudden one of them got a catapult out & starting firing little stones at the other friend, well this other friend run over to the friend who were using the catapult & threw his self on him and they both landed on a rock (big stone ) and we all heard a thud & crunch, mg when we split them up and tried to stop them fighting well the friend who had the catapult, he was in agony & crying his eyes out and when this other boy held his arm we could actually see his arm in a z shape his arm had broken & was out of place, my other friend he grabbed this boy from behind & this other boy grabbed the broken arm & tugged at it so hard, we actually saw it snap back into place. Mg that was the first time i ever saw a broken arm it was so scary i had to look away i don't know why .. but maybe it was just the fact that i wasn't used to seeing someone with his arm like that believe me it was so terrible pain i could actually feel his pain.
Well its amassing how we always remember the bad stuff & easily forget the god stuff.
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