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Rated: E · Monologue · Romance/Love · #1923821
Love Is strict -How to stay, with someone no matter what.
The Reality Part 1 By Regardless Devon Victory

The reality subconscious is the extract, which can hurt
or make relationships more stronger.
Some People may not understand this, but you should make a list
or truly understand all the reason's why you would break
up with your boyfriend or girlfriend...
- for instance -
cheating is one of the top reason that, cause some people to break up;
also laziness, is another reason.

What some people don't know is that, they should be ready to except
the fact that some people
approaches they other for "convo" that and they other may
not be one hundred percent ready - to start cussing out the person; who is just trying to be cool.
(some like just sex!)

As a human and a specie.
We have to evolve in our world of ecology, Some people have friends
that they usually talk to as friends, before they meet that special, new person.
I think that, that’s where, depression, start in some peoples relationships.
Though it's a way to master this in a reality way.
This is where the lies start;
because the human's are kind of scared to admit that the last friend or friends;
that they had was cool -
and the fact that they actually love them and they was just friends that they was cool with. -

Now they feel that the new person they about to settle down with will not have this.
So this is where the depression is, in some relationships that don't last.
Now some could be saying, how can you get around this - the correct answer could be
stay depressed and never talk and speak to another male or women at all -
and just love who you with.

However that’s not real, to a lot of people.

Also Sexuality is a real strong part of life some people will need lust and love though
these two can destroy some.
What some should understand is that some people want
to settle down and still be with other people sexually.
Some just want to make sure that their lust is only with one person and then they probably
hide all there lust from the past or virtuosity lust?

True love is really created by understanding lust and how it can hurt and destroy
and or make us as human beings feel good.

People should ask questions toward they lover, though I think some
people may just want someone else in they life.
And they just don't care what, could matter to they other.
I Think that people should make sure in the begging that they realize
that they only want to be with that person: forever or part time.

Me As Harry Devon I’m not into jealousy or always questioning my other in break up ways.
If you have a true understanding in life
why you don't want to be with some one, you should be good, though
some people really need help with their relationships.

It's all in realizing if in your relationship and it is cracked -
because you keep checking your other.
You may need to change and never check them.

Now if it's the case that your other keep coming up with things wrong and checking you.
I'm gone face this..

I think that some people may be hard to talk to, and they don't understand,
so there-for these are the ones you may shouldn’t keep dating.

You may have missed the real reality of egotism, and also self acceptance.
Maybe if people understand, the belief in reverse psychology for instances :

don't say I expect a person to always be on time -
change that and think that - the way the world is
that these things may go on; not on time
but you understand this,
so there for you never get to this to destroy a relationship.

Also make sure you and your man and or women, kick it at yall apartments and houses; with each
others co-workers.

In other words, if you really like somebody, that you met - with out your main,
you should introduce that person to your other -
watch TV, Play spades, or something together. (Thats A Form OF Adult Depression)

It seams that some people have problems with this area in life -
like they just want the other, super depressed and they just want to commence
arguments to not be with them.

However this resignation could diploid.
How Not Except the ways of the world?
If You was a real enough, human to have a love for all beings and life,
you would feel better about the relationship.

Don't let the word cheating destroy you - if you really love who you with and have another.

I’m going to face this; social morals, are what's hurting us human's.

Socializing, was the things that are etiquette.

Loving your self:

The Subconscious part of us
is what should, not be physically seen and is what controls us
too like or not like one another.

For Instances pheromones have etiological senses in them, which attracts and distracts.

The Final Breath Of Us Is "Contesion"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1923821