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by Mr.Owl
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There is not honor among thieves, or is there?
“I’m taking a big risk by coming here. You could show a little more gratitude.” Alaric hissed, removing the flash drive from his inner coat pocket.

“The increase in your bank account will show how grateful I am.” Grady snatched the flash drive and plugged it into his laptop.

While Grady was enmeshed in his geek-ness Alaric moved around the room, his light fingers strong enough to pick up a few trinkets as a tip.

“Alright, you’re in the clear; the data checks out. I completed the transaction. You are now a very rich man.” Grady sounded both pleased and pissed.

‘Probably can’t decide if the information is worth my quarter mil price tag.’ Alaric smirked

“I’d say it’s been a pleasure doing business with you but we never got to the pleasure part. But my bank account thanks you.” With one last smirk Alaric took his leave, leaving Grady looking disgusted behind him.

As Alaric headed down the side walk, his pace brisk but not suspicious, he wished he’d be able to see Grady’s face when the FBI busted down his door.

’Computer geeks…always interested in the information, but never the device bringing it.’ Alaric thought smugly.

Grady would roll on his bosses for leniency, who would do the same to theirs. In the end the world would be short one more weapon’s trafficker and he and St. Teresa’s Orphanage and out reach programs would be one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars richer.

Some thieves in his circle would sneer at giving half his profit away but he owed Sister Madeline everything so he was happy to share.

“Beside,” Alaric smiled as he thought of the external hard drive he had lifted from Grady, “I’m sure there is enough marketable info on there to cover my losses.”
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