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by Sekiko
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A big booty ninja is sent to defeat an evil princess who cursed her mistress.
A tiny woman in a red kimono sat on her knees on a tatami
mat in her room, separated from the corridor and other rooms
by sets of sliding doors. She held a cup of tea and sipped it,
and with a rush of wind opened her eyes, looking up at the huge
ninja girl with an equally huge butt who kneeled before her,
though the gesture was almost futile since she was too big to
be below the tiny woman. “Fu Chimei, I have a need for your
skills,” the tiny woman spoke. “Has it something to do with
your size, mistress,” Chimei asked, she had noticed her
mistresses new appearance but had not outwardly reacted to it.
“Yes, at the Kansai compound lives an evil princess, she cursed
me to this height. I have tried to have it removed, but no priest or
priestess, monk or shaman has been able to cure me, so I must
settle for revenge. Go to the Kansai compound, deal with the
princess, and then return to me. I trust your unique skills will be
able to accomplish this task.”

“Of course, mistress,” Chimei replied, and was gone like a
shadow. She set off immediately, sticking to the trees, jumping
from branch to branch and making great time. Though it was
evening when she set out, it was only midnight when she arrived
at the Kansai compound. It was well fortified, but nothing Chimei
couldn’t handle. She scaled the walls and dropped into the
compound. There were several guards patrolling, Chimei would
have to take care of them first. She climbed up into the rafters
and when a guard passed under her, she dropped her ass in front
of him, wrapped her legs around him to pull him into her crack,
and let loose a nasty fart,

Chimei was a master of ass techniques, able to create any kind
of gas she wanted to with her chi and expand her anus to swallow
up anything, including enemies. So she flooded the guard’s senses
with knockout gas, the smell indescribable, ruining her sense of
smell for life… which wasn’t that long, as Chimei pulled the fabric
around her ass, which was two flaps that could be pulled apart to
reveal her ass crack, and more importantly her ass hole. With the
guard supported by her legs, and one hand still clinging to the
rafters, Chimei’s ass hole expanded to allow the knocked out
guard’s head to begin entering her ass.

With the process begun, Chimei pulled herself back up into the rafters,
getting situated up in the darkness with the guard’s body still hanging
out of her, but it slowly began to enter into her bowels. Chimei kept
silent, as she tried to speed up the process, it just wasn’t easy to
swallow a body with her butt this small. With each foe she claimed in her
ass, it would grow larger, wider and taller and fatter, which made using
her techniques easier, not to mention gaining some height. The guard was
still going slow, she was in up to her hips, so Chimei stuck her ass in
the air to allow gravity to help her make her go down faster. And just like
that, the guard slipped in faster, taking only a few seconds for her ass to
pull the rest of the poor woman in. With her feet slipped inside, Chimei’s
ass grew around a third of a meter bigger in all proportions, and she
seemed to grow around 10 centimeters taller.

Chimei continued her work, in this room there were four other guards walking
around, and each one was ambushed with her big ass, knocked out with a
horrendous fart, and swallowed up, making her grow by the same proportion.
The process went faster with each one, and with no other guards left, the last
one was devoured on the floor, Chimei able to swallow her with her ass in just
a few seconds. Her anus had grown larger, making the farts easier to get out
and in larger volumes, so as the now huge bootied ninja girl moved deeper
into the compound, she entered a room full of at least ten sleeping guards.
Though she could have anal vored them then and there, she couldn’t risk
them waking up, so Chimei turned around, stuck her booty into the air,
and unleashed tons of silent farts filled with knock out gas, so the
sleeping guards were guaranteed to stay asleep.

Chimei then got to work, this time Chimei didn’t have to hide between
vorings and so just stuck their feet inside her ass hole and slurped them
up whole, like a starved man eating noodles. She really enjoyed when
her butt got this big, it was too easy to swallow her mistresses foes.
She liked it when she screamed and struggled, but as a ninja she often
needed to be silent and swift, so there was little opportunity for her to
enjoy that, unless she was ordered to dish out some punishment.
She imagined each of her newest victims screaming and squirming in her
bowels, crying in terror as they were made into smelly mush to be
excreted out their entrance to her body. She was so caught up in this
fantasy that she realized that she had cleared out the room, and her
ass was reaching restricting proportions. Chimei guessed she could
probably fit an average sized human between her cheeks, and probably
completely cover four of them sitting side-by-side while sitting on them.

Chimei opened the door to the next room and saw who must have been
the evil princess she had been sent to take care of, sleeping soundly.
With the guards gone, or at least the ones close to her, she could be a
little less stealthy, and have a little fun. She tied the princess’ wrists and
ankles together, leaving her unable to escape, and then squatted above
her face, unleashing a nasty, “Ssssssssssssssbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppttttttttttttt!”
The gas was inhaled by the princess, who immediately woke up and gagged,
coughing with tears streaming down her eyes. “What is the meaning of
this, what was that foul smell,” she demanded, but Chimei’s ass came
down to silence her, covering her mouth with her huge cheeks,
her nose buried in her ass hole.

“You have cursed my mistress, I will now exact her vengeance upon you,”
Chimei said simply, and pushed out another foul gust of air,
The Princess screamed, but it was muffled under Chimei’s huge ass
and couldn’t be heard outside the room. Chimei had a small smile on her
face, enjoying her misery, and unleashed more gas on the evil princess.
“Ppppppppprrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaappppppptttttttt! Pppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttt!
The farts got bigger and smellier, louder but curiously unable to be heard
outside the room, and Chimei made them unable to knock out the
princess, who she wanted aware for all of it.

The Ninja rubbed her butt against the Princess’ face, rubbing the smell
into her face as well, and torturing the princess under her. “Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,” hissed out of her while she did so,
the fresh fart adding another layer of hell for the princess, while Chimei
enjoyed every second of it. She then settled her ass back down, her
anus engulfing the princess’ nose once more, and unleashed the largest
fart she’d ever done before.

The fart was so loud and nasty that it lifted her up off the princess and
held her in midair while the princess was pinned to the ground by the
terrible gas. Her cries couldn’t be heard over the roar from the ninja’s
ass, and all she could do was breathe in the smell, it felt like it was
corrupting her very being, like her whole body had absorbed the scent
and all the air inside her was toxic fart. Chimei’s fart finally subsided
and she landed back on the princess’ face, panting from the exertion
of her humongous fart. She decided that she couldn’t top that tonight,
and so got up off the Princess in order to start the final stage of her mistress’ wrath.

“Please, I’ll lift the curse off of your mistress, I’ll do anything you want,
just please let me go,” the evil princess pleaded. “My mistress no longer
has interest in the removal of her curse, she simply desires vengeance.
I am the extension of her will, and will complete her vengeance and
bring her to peace,” Chimei said, causing the princess to plead harder
and start sobbing. Chimei grabbed the princess’ feet and inserted
them into her ass hole. “No, NO! NO PLEASE, NOT THIS,” the princess
screamed as her ankles disappeared into the ninja’s ass. She screamed
louder and harder as her legs disappeared, Chimei relished the sound
of her panic and her struggles, she’d been longing for them all night.
When her waist was in, the princess just started sobbing, still struggling
hard as Chimei’s ass continued pulling her in, slowly though, savoring
the moment. Minutes passed and her torso, hands and arms, and
chest all entered Chimei’s huge anus, the struggles feeling more
and more complete as more of her body entered.

“Please, please, please,” the princess sobbed, as her neck and head were
the only things left not inside Chimei’s ass.
Chimei’s reply sealed the princess’ fate, and she screamed as her neck
and chin were pulled in, and suddenly the screaming was muffled as her
mouth passed through, now sending a pleasant vibration through her anal
walls. Her nose entered in soon, now only able to breathe in the scent of
her bowels, and her eyes were next, the darkness of her dark tunnel
blinding the princess. Soon her head and hair followed suit and the Princess
was the latest morsel Chimei had devoured. Her ass grew again, and she
stood at over two meters, her ass wider than any door in the compound, big and jiggly.

It was dawn by the time Chimei made it back to her mistress’ castle,
and the ninja kneeled before her recently woken mistress.
“I trust you got the job done,” she asked. “Yes, the evil princess who cursed
you is no longer with us,” Chimei said. “Good, you have done well, I-“
The mistress was interrupted by a large gurgle that came from Chimei’s stomach.
“My apologies mistress, I am still carrying the remains and need to release them,”
Chimei said. “Of course, you are excused,” the mistress said. Chimei made
to move, but suddenly doubled over, her ass hanging above her mistress.
“Forgive me, mistress,” she groaned, and her huge anus bulged out of the cloth.
“Oh no,” the mistress moaned.

Thick, slimy dark logs poured out of Chimei’s ass, easily each a meter
wide and smelled worse than any fart she had unleashed that night.
The toxic logs fell upon the tiny mistress, burying her under mounds of
her faithful ninja’s waste, the most foul substance to have ever made
contact with any of her sense to this point. The smell was indescribably
toxic, and the taste was similar, the most rancid and sickening thing to
ever touch her tongue, her eyes burned and the texture made her cringe,
and the crackle of the logs falling on top of her was the worst sound
she’d ever heard as it signaled no end to the continuing mess torturing her.
After ten minutes of non-stop logs and mush flowing out of Chimei’s ass,
piling up high on top of her mistress, the storm subsided and Chimei
backed away, horrified at the mess in front of her.

She gulped and plunged her arms into the massive mound of her own shit,
and pulled out her tiny mistress, covered in layers of her nasty waste.
“Mistress… I…,” Chimei tried to say something.
“Chimei… I will punish you for this, then we shall never speak of it again,”
her mistress said. “Yes mistress,” Chimei hung her head.
After cleaning up the mess and her mistress, Chimei bared her naked
ass before her mistress, who used a large paddle designed especially
for her to spank Chimei’s large ass, making it bright red on each cheek
before the mistress was satisfied. “Never let this happen again,” the mistress said,
and walked away, leaving Chimei to rub her huge sore ass.
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