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Intro to a work in process.
                                  The lawyer sat behind his desk in his humble office looking over some papers laid out in front of him. He shuffled through the papers then stopped as a cat stops when it hears a foreign noise. He sighed and pulled a stick of gum from his pocket before returning to the papers on his desk. The door to his office opened and a man in a white suit entered.

                   “It took you guys a little longer to find me this time”, the lawyer said without looking up.

                   “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Roderick,” the man said coolly. “We’ve known where you have been for a while now, but after last time we had to take some extra precautions.”

                   Roderick looked up now and laid both hands flat on the desk. “I’m stronger than anyone you can send after me. I could kill you right now. Easily.”

                   “But you won’t.” the man turned to leave, “Remember Roderick, it’s not always strength that wins wars.”

                   As the man left, a young woman, also dressed in all white, entered. Roderick stood, “Emily. Please do not make me do this. If you force me to, I will kill you.”

         Emily smiled and brushed her long blonde hair over her shoulder. Roderick gritted his teeth and at the flick of his wrist the desk spun into the air towards Emily. Emily raised her hand and the desk stopped in mid-air then crashed to the ground at her feet.

                   She stepped over the splintered desk, “They told me you would hold back, but I didn’t believe them.”

                   “Only once,” Roderick said. “I’ll only hold back once. Why are you here Emily? You know what they are all about.”

                   “We,” she said stopping just arm’s length away from Roderick. “I know what we are all about. Power. Control. What’s wrong with that?”

                   Roderick shook his head, “They will use you and dispose of you, Emily. You are nothing but a pawn to them.”

                   “Or maybe they are mine”

                   Emily glanced at something behind Roderick but before she could make a move Roderick waved his hand and Emily lurched back against the office door. Emily tried to raise her arm but was pinned.

                   “How many more are here?”

                   “Just me. He left.” Emily responded weakly. “I’m sorry.”

                   Roderick lowered his head. “I’m not.”

                   A piece of the lawyer’s desk floated into the air and shot into Emily’s chest. The lawyer gritted his teeth as he embraced the feeling of euphoria.

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