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Thoughts on Sophie's blog; a Senior Member.

          John Chapter 8:1-3 ~

                              Jesus and his Apostles come across a man,
                    who has been made blind from birth.

                              The Apostles believe that this was , because
                    of his parents sin.

                              Jesus explains that this man has been made
                    blind so that God's glory can be made manifest.

                              Jesus restores the sight of the blind man.

          Question ~

                      Why would a perfect God allow imperfections?

          Time is a measurement of change, but God is eternal.
          The decay of time is,  therefore,  not good.
          It causes defects in God's work.

          Example ~

          Ed Sperry was a childhood friend of mine.
          He was in the advanced placement courses of our high school.
          But, he couldn't sit still or sleep much and he cut himself.
          Nevertheless, Ed made the honor role.
          Ed died in a car accident.
          He was drunk driving and he killed the other driver he hit.

          Question ~

                      How is the glory of God made manifest in Ed Sperry?

          Search the scriptures so we might see....

          Amos Chapter 3:6 states:

                      "Shall there be evil in a city, which the Lord hath not done?"

        Job 2:10 states:

                      "If we receive good things at the hand of God
                      why should we not receive evil?"

        Romans 3:23 states:

                      "All have sinned in Adam, and come short of the glory of God."

        But Deut. 24:16 states:

                      "The children shall not be punished for their father's sin."

      The Apostle John explains : "whoever is born of God, committeth  not sin:
      for his seed abideth in him, and he cannot sin, because he is born of God."

                A dilemma or contradiction?
        Where do all the sinners come from? If sin cannot come from God,
        then has God lost control of his creation?
        That is not a perfect world or an almighty God.

        And so time is lost for no good reason. .. .

      Just my two cents,



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