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A Romanian Atheist.
        Charitua Rad was a brilliant scientist and very cute.
    She studied the subatomic particles produced by fusion ..
    Her golden hair was permed out like Einstein.  She had excellent posture.
    She was also a proud Romanian and atheist. So, she had a lot of sex.
    Charitua was very pleased with herself.

        It was extremely troubling to her well formed philosophy that
    particles did not behave normally after being smashed.
    They appeared to blink in and out of existence. Was this a string universe?
    Perhaps. Maybe, the universe was an illusion?
    Doctor Rad was mostly puzzled and slightly annoyed. Matter should be stable.
    If it isn't, then, nothing can be known for certain. Reality was bent.
    Charitua stomped about her apartment,  ranting on her blog.

    She liked to twitter too. She was very social on her Facebook.
    As if answering her prayer, which atheist do not do, a twitter response
    made some sense.
    Charitua asked to meet the twitter..er.
    Muzzy arrived with a pizza. Charitua sat up on her bed an listened to his
    enchanting tale.
    The universe, according to Muzzy was a dream. The Dreamer is God.
    But, God is the collective unconscious. Ipso facto : we are God.

    Charitua was so pleased with this idea she had sex with Muzzy,
    which was a miracle in itself, since Muzzy is not handsome and
    Charitua is a lesbian.  The sex was delicious.
    "Now I know why we evolved with no purpose except to eat and have sex."
    Charitua said to Muzzy as she ate some pizza and sipped some Vodka.
    Chairitua quit her job at the particle accelerator and lived with Muzzy
    in the back of his pickup truck.
    Muzzy was very pleased when she had her lesbian Romanian girlfriends
    over for pizza and Vodka.

    "I was such a foolish girl to think that reality was permanent .. It's fake!"
    she said to Muzzy, pressing her slender Romanian body against him in the
    nap sack they shared.    Muzzy tickled her toes with his.
    "Yes! It is all a grand illusion and I like yours best of all!" he declared and
    had hot monkey sex with her and her lesbian friend.
    So passes the glories of a pizza and a bottle of Vodka. ..

    Peace out!

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1924631