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        So some singer goes to a club in San Fransisco
      and says homosexuality is the work of the Devil ,
      because she's a born again Christian.  And what else is new?
      Christians used to burn homosexuals, hence the slang fag was coined.
      Fags are and English slang for kindling, used in fires...
      What do you Christians want? Do you want all non-Christians executed?
      How many more bigots can you tolerate in the name of faith?

        Did you know that Christianity is only a term for dozens of
      Christian sects? There are Christians, who practice gay marriage.
      Why do homosexuals have to demand what is a common practice
      amongst heterosexuals? Is there some fear in heterosexuals that
      homosexuals could persuade them to be homosexual?
      Or, is it a fanatical hatred in Christianity for homosexuality that
      drives anti-gay rhetoric?

        I don't remember the name of the singer that has caused this latest
      offense. .. So what? The problem is the dogma that makes Christians
      hate homosexuals and blame them for the Apocalypse.
      The Apocalypse is manufactured by heterosexuals, who make money
      from manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.
      Oh, and most of the hawk politicians are Christian too.
      So, maybe the Devil is inside Christian Heterosexual Weapons Manufactures!
      Was Jesus gay? Why didn't he get married, have kids?

        And what the Hell is this idea that Apostles need to be like eunichs?
      Celibacy has made the Catholic clergy into a bunch of molesting perverts!
      Jeeze! Father Happy Hands is feeling up the Alter boys again!
      Its probably wishful thinking, but maybe someday Priest will be allowed to
      get married... even if they are gay.  Do you think?
        Is it me, but does Pope Francis look like that bond villain..
      with Teri Hatcher and Pierce Bronson in Tomorrow Never Dies.
      What was that actors name? Was it something or just something?
      Any who, rumor has it the new Pope is a reformer and communist.
      And he may have an illegitimate son.
      Celibacy is a lot looser in Argentina. Areba!
      So, the dogma of the Vatican may be bent a little.

        Let's recap. Your singing career is sketchy.
      Get born again. Go to San Fransisco and insult gays in the music business.
      Then, get kicked out of the auditorium and watch your career go up in flames.
      Areba! It's Miller time!

        What was her name?  Nobody wants to know...

      Peace out!


      Reflections ~ I got a call from Las Vegas on a Jersey cell phone
                          1(702)520 2447. The caller said "Hey dude. Jesus rocks!"
                          and hung up. Amen.
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