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All I get on my History Channel are pawn shops and gator hunting.

          A fairy tale is a fictional story told for a moral.
          A Bible story is a miraculous story told for a moral.
          Both stories have an agenda; to teach a moral.

                                  That being said; the History Channel Bible Stories
                                  are wonderful. And I like how they humanize the Angels.
                                  The Angels bleed after a sword fight with the Sodomites.
                                  There is a realism to Angels with dirty faces.

        John Huston's Noah will always be Noah to me.
        I saw his version of The Bible at the movies and was in shock and awe.
        I was in grammar school.. just a little spud.
        Peter O Toole played a really cool Angel.

                              Okay, the religious right don't like Obama.
                              They made the Devil look like him.
                              That's pretty stupid, but typical right wing demonizing.
                              They never show the tiger that circled Jesus.

        Yes! Jesus was circled by a tiger.
        I guess it was a test of his lion taming skills.
        Jesus told the tiger to "Be gone."
        And it ran away... Yay !

                              This Bible film doesn't show Jesus standing on the dome
                              of the Temple with Satan; (OBAMA?)..
                              The dome of the Temple is now Mecca.
                              The most holiest place in the Islamic faith.
                              Can you imagine how the Brotherhood of Islam would
                              have reacted if Obama was standing on the dome of Mecca
                              with Jesus?

      They killed an US ambassador over a cheap home made video of Mohamed.
      Making religious movies can start a religious riot in Syria or Egypt or Iran..ect.
      But, I have to watch this Bible story on Youtube and Xfinity on demand,
      because the History Channel only plays pawnshops and gator hunting up
      here-yah. Jeeze!

                                          I like Tom Cruise.
                                          He is a fully operational Thetan.(O.T.)
                                          Scientologists believe that Angels are E.T.s.
                                          And so do I.
                                          However, Tom believes that he is an Angel.
                                          Yes, Thetans are E.T.s and humans are their children.

          Ergo! Tom Cruise is an Angel.
          Operational Thetans are telekinetic.
          Tom Cruise can fly like Superman!
          Can he walk on water? Hmmm.

      Well, I give the History Channel Bible five stars.
      But, I give Comcast a thumbs down for making it almost impossible
      to find this Mini-series. Jeeze!

      Stay Tuned!


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