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Animals and Humans exploring the Cosmos in this epic poem
A long time ago in a faraway place
Known only today as the Planet Earth
Some Astronauts were heading out into Space
Their hearts were filled with lots of good mirth.

This bonny space voyage was no average trip
For the humans were joined by beasts and by birds
To find alien creatures unlike themselves
A trip like this was far beyond words

The Captain of the crew was Mr. Sam Bucket
A former farmer from the town of Nantucket
It was his idea to let the animals join
So long as they didn't serve any beef tenderloin

Mr. Bucket's first mate was Rabbit named Daisy
She thought going to space was awfully crazy!
But Sam was her friend so she agreed to join in
With two hundred and three of her big bunny kin!

The Spaceship Mechanic was an Elephant Seal
He was only one who could fix the big steering wheel
His name was Big Bruce and he had a big nose
It was good for smelling more then a rose!

The Cook on was the Kangaroo Kate
She was in charge of what everyone ate
She could make vegetable food and could cook with fish
But Kraft Mac N Cheese was her favorite dish!

There were only two humans
Besides our friend Sam
There was Billy Patchouli
And his big sister Pam

"All right!" Said the Captain
"We're off into space!
Tighten those seat belts
And hang on to your face!"

The Ship blasted off
Into the big blue yonder
It burned up some ants
Who chose the wrong place to wander.

Now that I've described
Our Brave Beastly Crew
You'll here their adventures
In this poem's Part 2
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1925746