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by Judd
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Gnix, a son of a high elf lord, is orderd to gaurd the sacred elf temple.
The day began like most of my days. I woke up in my room of my fathers house, which sat upon a hill, and overlooked the elvish village. The house was made of stone and was larger than most elvish houses. This was because my father was the high elf lord of the village. His job was to keep the village running smoothly and make sure the village was safe.
After dressing myself I left the house for the market. The market is a wonderful place, full of fresh caught fish, bread, berries, and trinkets. I often visited the market for joy of the mouthwatering smells. "How are you today, Gnix?" Asked Kelcie, a fish salesman and a good friend of my father. "Good." I replied. "How are you?" "Fine" he said "I heard your father was looking for you." "Thanks." I made my way to the town hall, where my father often was.
I walked the halls of the building calling his name. "yes" he answered. I followed his voice into the library where he sat with his bearded face in a book. "Gnix I'm glad to see you." He said in an exited voice. "I've been thinking and I think you are old enough to have an important part in this village, my son." My heart began beating faster and fasterwith exitment . I knew what part he had in mind. "I've always dreamed of joining the military." I told him. "Thats not exactly what I was think of." he said. "I was talking about gaurding the sacred temple." "but, there is no point, know wants to harm the temple." I argued. "It's a family tradition." I remember when I had the honor of gaurding the temple." "Fine I will acept." "Good because you start now." He handed me a short sword and a shield, which once was his.
I walked to the temple, which sat outside of the village. It was just an old stone structure, which was said to be the the home of the dead elders. It wasn't that I didn't care about the temple, but I would have rather been fending off dragons and monsters for my people in far off lands. I leaned against a pilliar of the structure looking up into the sky, dreaming of what I could be doing. What is so honorable about gaurding the home of people that are already gone?
Snap! A twig broke quickly gaining my attention. No one was there.
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