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Kudos to tow trucks.
From the back of the truck he appears like a crane
and descends with a hook on a cable or chain.
Every day vehicles that for reasons won’t go
recognize the great need for the Spirit of Tow.

He is not much to look at--mechanical beast;
beauty doesn’t become him--not even the least.
He is tire rim tactful and bumper edge crass
who is often required when you’re out of gas.

Don’t forget the dead battery from lights left on,
(you can turn the ignition from now until dawn).
But the Spirit of Tow will take you o’er the hump
with those toothy-jaw cables providing you jump.

I remember a time in a youthful night itch
when I turned in the snow and wound up in the ditch.
Though I sank pretty low and could not move an inch,
Spirit Tow pulled me out with the might of his winch!

Pound for pound Spirit proves that he has what it takes;
he can provide you lift from the pain of mistakes.
And as tow trucks continue with tower in back,
they will come to the rescue for they have the knack.

So if auto won’t start or you’re otherwise stuck,
you can get an assist from the back of the truck.
Atlas shrugs at the world if the motors won’t go,
which is why he gives thanks for the Spirit of Tow.

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