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A true story about how somethings are not meant to be, no matter how much we want them to.
“In her heart, she always knew it wasn't meant to be...

Last night, a young woman heard a young man asked the girl from the Cafe out on his birthday, of all days! She’d seen them together multiple times, her intuition forearming her of the inevitable, but those few encounters didn’t stop the pain. She felt herself slip into denial, her heart refusing to accept what her subconscious already knew.

As she watched the new couple from behind the large, double-glass windows, walk hand-in-hand along the sidewalk, laughing, she saw the undeniable truth. She watched as the young man raised his free hand in a gesture to emphasize his words, his blue eyes bright, a smile on his lips, and in that moment, all was clear, he’d found another. Then again, she never held his heart to begin with…”

Turns out, Andrew was long gone, before "I" ever met him.
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