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Sept. 11 attacks poem

A Nation’s Heartbreak

They are the forgotten ones in a plane in the heavens so high.
Why did all of these people have to die?
On the Ground in DC, people scrambled to leave,
As fire tore through the building with little relief.
While in the skyline of New York, two towers fell to the ground.
Emitting smoke up unto heaven was I’m sure God frowned.
War was declared with a loud voice,
This I’ll tell you was not our choice.
A nation shed tears and still does till this day
An empty place remains and our nerves remain frayed.
Collectively our heart is broke
And on this subject, we still choke.

Now in the spot, just a monument remains
A testament to the lives lost, no one will ever be the same.
The firemen, police, and the good Samaritan too
Shall we celebrate for their valuable rescues?
I recall where I was when I saw the towers fall
In my home getting ready for classes to be called.
I remember a boy from my English class
enlisting very fast
We downloaded pictures from the Internet
Every one of us wrote that we felt fret and threat.
With tears in our eyes we hung them in the school
As a monument our heartbreak fueled.

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