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by Brammy
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Young Adult · #1926092
A look at Robbie's DJ career
          The dance floor at Club Cosmic in Wolcott, Connecticut was still packed at 1:30 A.M. The crowd danced to "Rain Over Me" by Pitbull and Marc Anthony. Up in the DJ booth Robbie was scrolling through a list of songs on his laptop to find the song he was going to play next. He's wearing a blue shirt that was partially buttoned over a white wife beater, baggy blue jeans, work boots, and a New York Yankees hat at a sight angle. As usual he had a diamond stud earring in each of his ears. As the music continued to play he reached over and took a sip from a bottle of beer. A young girl came up to the DJ booth and gave him a slip of paper. The song began winding down and Robbie flipped a switch to turn on the microphone. He picked it up and began speaking.

"Congratulations to Trevor and Cynthia on your engagement. Let's keep this party going with a hot throwback track."

          The crowd cheered and Robbie clicked play on the laptop. "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z began playing. He turns off the microphone and finished his beer. He typed a few things on the laptop to find the last song of the evening. The song began to wind down and he turned the microphone back on.

"Last call for alcohol. Thanks for coming out to Club Cosmic tonight!"

          Robbie clicked play on the laptop and the final song - "I Know you Want Me (Calle Ocho)" by Pitbull began playing. The overhead lights came on. He stepped out of the DJ booth and walked out to the patio to make sure no one was out there. He went back inside, locking the door behind him.
          The song finished playing and Robbie flipped some switches, shutting off the equipment and lights. He logged off from the laptop. He walks over to the bar where Wendy Swanson the manager of Club Cosmic was counting her cash drawer. She was in her early forties with reddish-blonde hair.

"Great job Robbie," said Wendy.
"Thanks Ms. Swanson. Have a good night."

         Robbie had been the Friday and Saturday night DJ at Club Cosmic for six months. He walked outside. Standing next to Robbie's GMC Terrain was his best friend Ryan Burton. Ryan's hair is completely shaved off and he was wearing denim shorts, a light blue T-Shirt, and white sneakers.

"Robbie, can you give me a ride?"
"Sure. What happened to Kyle?"
"He took off around 11:30."
"Your brother left you stranded here?"
"He was supposed to be back at 12:30, but he never showed."
"Have you been out here all this time?"
"Yeah. Vinney the bouncer wouldn't let me back in."
"What an asshole. You should've texted me. I could've had Ms. Swanson let you back in."

          Robbie pulled the key fob out of his pocket and unlocks the SUV. They get in and fasten their seat belts. Robbie starts the Terrain and hip-hop music began blaring from the speakers. They took a left and headed down Wolcott Road at high speed. It was a fifteen minute drive to Robbie's house in Southington. The light above the garage came on as he drove into the driveway. They get out and walk to the front door. Ryan waited impatiently while Robbie fumbled in the dark trying to unlock the door.

"Come on Robbie, I've got to take a piss."
"Go use the bushes."

          When Robbie finally got the door open Ryan pushed past him and and ran inside to the bathroom. Robbie went downstairs to his man cave and turns on the stereo. The all-Oldies station came on playing an Elvis Presley song. He sat down on one of the recliners. When Ryan came downstairs he sat on the other recliner.

"I like Oldies music, but I don't like Elvis," said Robbie.
"As a DJ aren't you supposed to be open minded about music?"
"I am. There's music I play at Club Cosmic that I can't stand, but I play it anyway because it's what the crowd wants. If you don't give the customers what they want you might as well lock the door and put a For Sale sign in front of the building."

          Robbie got up to turn off the stereo. He turns on the TV and an episode of Roseanne was just beginning. He takes off his hat, boots, and socks.

"What time are we leaving for Philly?"
"Early. Maybe 6AM."
"6AM? What are you stoned?"
"Actually no. I haven't smoked any weed since 6PM."
"You worked your first job til 3:30PM and just worked at the club til 2AM. It's 2:30 and you haven't had any sleep, yet you think you can drive us to Philly at 6AM?"
"I'm not even tired."

         They sat watching TV. Robbie fell asleep before the first commercial break. Ryan took out his cell phone out and texted his brother, who a moment later came walking down the stairs.

"Kyle, where have you been? I thought you were coming back to pick me up at 12:30."
"On my way home I got a text from Larry and we went to the New Britain Diner."

          Kyle sat on the couch. They watched TV for a few minutes until Robbie woke up. Ryan shuts off the TV and Robbie put on the flip flops that were underneath the coffee table. They go outside and get into the SUV.

"We're not going to Philly now are we?" asked Kyle.
"No. We're going to pick up a few things for our trip.

          They drive to The Marketplace Supermarket. Robbie parked in the fire lane and they go inside the store. The twenty-four hour supermarket is dimly lit. Except for Tim the overnight cashier, the store appeared to be deserted.

"Where is everyone?" asked Robbie.
"The Night Crew never showed up," said Tim.
"Did you call Greg?"
"I sent him a text and he messaged me back that he was at Club Cosmic."
"Did you call Pauline or Jake?" They were the assistant managers.
"I left voice mails for them, but neither returned my call."
"Which manager is coming in at 5AM?"
"Jake Conner."

Robbie glances at his watch.

"I'm going to give Jake a call."

         Robbie goes in his office, closes the door, and sits at his desk and looked up Jake's phone number. He picked up the phone and dialed. After two rings it was answered.

"Jake Conner speaking."
"Jake, it's Robbie Mullens from The Marketplace. There's a problem at the store."
"What sort of problem?"
"The Night Crew never showed up."
"What?" There was disbelief in his voice. "Did anyone contact Greg Peterson?"
"Tim texted Greg who responded that he was at Club Cosmic."
"What an irresponsible bastard. I don't know how he became Manager."
"Really? Greg is an irresponsible bastard for going to the club on his night off? How about this one? Tim left voicemails for you and Pauline on your cellphones and neither of you responded to them."

         Jake was silent for a minute and then said "Tim should've called my landline. That still doesn't let Greg off the hook for shirking his managerial duties. From now on no one is allowed to go to Club Cosmic. I don't care if you're a DJ there, Robbie. This supermarket is the number one priority!"

         Robbie lost his temper - something he rarely does and slammed the phone down. He stormed out of his office and slammed the door behind him.

"What's wrong?" asked Tim.
"There's no way to deal an unreasonable person! Jake blames Greg because he was at Club Cosmic and blames you because you didn't call his landline. He's also banning anyone who works here from going to Club Cosmic and does not care that I'm a DJ there."
"How does Jake plan on controlling what we do in our free time?"
"I have no idea."
"We can do whatever we want in our free time."
"Pauline Templeton was the Manager on Duty until 11PM. At the very least I believe it was her responsibility to make sure the Third Shift crew showed up since Tyler Britton is on vacation this week. She saw me and we made small talk and she left at exactly 11. We were so busy that I didn't even notice no one else was here until 11:45. That's when I texted Greg and called Pauline and Jake."
"I've got to get going. Call or text me and let me know what happens."

          Robbie and his friends didn't buy anything and leave the store. They get into the SUV and make a left out of the parking lot onto West Main Street. They rode in silence to the house Ryan and Kyle shared with their sister Charlene. They get out of the SUV and walk in the front door of the house. In the living room was a 42 inch TV, two recliners, and a couch. Ryan and Kyle sat on the couch. Robbie sat on down on one of the recliners.

"Are you okay Robbie? You seem like you're pissed off," said Ryan.
"Jake Conner wants to ban all employees of our store from going to Club Cosmic."
"Jake believes that as Store Manager Greg should be available at all times to handle any problem. Tonight's problem being the night crew did not show up. Greg was at Club Cosmic. The fact that Jake did not return a voicemail message Tim left him does not factor into any of this."

          Robbie went down the stairs to the guest bedroom where he always slept whenever he spent the night at Ryan and Kyle's house. There was a full size bed, a dresser where Robbie kept a couple changes of clothes, and a full bathroom with shower. When Robbie comes back upstairs he is freshly showered and casually dressed in a pair of denim shorts, an unbuttoned New York Yankees jersey which exposed his beer belly, and a pair of white sneakers. Ryan and Kyle who are still seated on the couch stand up. Kyle reaches over and playfully jiggles Robbie's belly.

"Damn, bro. How much weight have you gained?" asks Kyle.
"Forty-five pounds. I'm up to two-thirty now."
"If you change your mind about working out, I'd be happy to workout with you."

Kyle lifted his shirt, showing off his abs.

"So here's what I'm thinking," said Robbie, changing the subject. "There's a new diner in Waterbury that I've been dying to try. We'll get breakfast there and then head to Philly."
"Sounds like a plan," said Ryan.

          The three friends go outside and get into the SUV. Robbie turned on the radio and switched to the all Oldies station. It was still early, so they rode in silence. When they passed Club Cosmic a flatbed truck was getting ready to tow a beat up Toyota Corolla.

          Robbie laughed. "Look at them towing away Kandi's car. I told her weeks ago she should've had a mechanic look at that piece of shit."

          Kandi, a bartender at Club Cosmic was one of those "all beauty and no brains" type. Knowing how she is Robbie figured that Kandi would not have money to get her car fixed and would ask one of her so-called boyfriends for money. She usually spent all her money on frivolous things such as make up, jewelry, handbags, hair coloring, tanning, and shoes.
          As they continued driving down Wolcott Road they saw Kandi walking down the side of the road. She looked like a hooker wearing wearing tan stretch pants, a lime green crop top, and a pair of lime green high heels. She also had a designer handbag and bleached blonde hair. As they drove past her Robbie honked the horn while Kyle and Ryan waved at her and laughed hysterically.

"Did you see the high heels she was wearing?" asked Kyle, still laughing. "She lives in Waterbury near the mall. That's a long walk in those heels."
"I've got five bucks that says she doesn't make it," said Robbie.

          They continued driving and soon pulled into the parking lot of Pop's Diner. Robbie parked next to a Waterbury police car. The three friends get out and walked towards the entrance of the diner Robbie partially buttons the jersey.
          Inside, the two cops sat drinking coffee at the counter. Robbie and his friends grabbed a booth in the middle of the dining room. It was still early enough where there weren't a lot of people. Soft music was providing background noise. They each grabbed a menu.
"I wonder how the food is," said Ryan.
"I'm starved," added Robbie.
"I'm not," said Kyle.
"Of course not. You just ate a few hours ago," said Ryan. "Robbie and I haven't had anything to eat since we ate at The Club around 8:30 last night."

          The waitress, likely beautiful younger in life, approached the table. It was obvious that, while time may have made her curves more pronounced, her personality was still fully intact. She was wearing black pants, a light green T-shirt with the words Pop's Diner printed on it with white letters, and black sneakers. She took a pen from behind her ear, and an order pad from her back pocket.

"Welcome to Pop's Diner. I'm Mildred," the waitress said in a chipper voice. "Are you guys ready to order?"
"Yes, I'll have the Triple Platter and a glass of orange juice," said Robbie.
"I'll have a bowl of Maple flavored oatmeal, a glass of chocolate milk, and a side of home fries," said Ryan.
"I'll have a plain bagel with cream cheese and glass of orange juice," said Kyle.

Mildred wrote all this down on her order pad.

"I'll be right back with your beverages," said Mildred and walked away.

         A moment later Mildred returned with the beverages. She placed them down on the table and said "Your food will be out shortly." She walked away humming to herself.

          Robbie took a sip of orange juice. Mildred returned carrying a tray of food, which she placed on an empty table and gave everyone their food. She left the check on the table.

"Let me know if you guys need anything else."

          The friends began eating. When Kyle and Ryan finished eating they left the table and went outside. When Robbie finished he took his wallet out and left two twenties on the table to cover their meal and tip. He walked outside. Kyle and Ryan were standing beside the GMC Terrain. Robbie unbuttons his jersey and rubs his belly. Everyone gets in the SUV. Ryan sat in the passenger seat next to Robbie while his brother sat in back of him. The police car was gone.
         Robbie opened the center console and took out a small bag of weed, a bowl, and a lighter. He carefully poured the weed into the bowl and lit it. He took a hit, coughed a few times, and took another hit. He then coughed again before taking another hit. He coughed again and took one last hit. He coughed one last time and passed it to Ryan. He takes a couple of hits, coughs, and put the bowl and lighter back in the center console. Robbie starts the SUV and they take off down Wolcott Street. They are finally on their way to Philly.

"Did you ever get caught smoking weed?" asked Ryan.
"Junior year in high school Greg and I almost got caught."
"What does almost got caught mean?"
"Greg and I were in the bathroom near the library. Our other friend Neil was in there too. He was kind of odd and we were like his only friends. Greg took a bag of weed out of his pocket to share with me. Neil says very loudly Greg, that's marijuana!!!! Greg and I were horrified. I was worried that Mr. Simpson the librarian or Ms. Gaynor the English Teacher whose classroom was next to the bathroom had heard what Neil had yelled. Greg put Neil in a headlock and then put the weed back in his pocket. Luckily no one had heard a thing. A couple minutes later we walked out of the bathroom casually."
"What else did you guys do to Neil?"
"He lived a couple doors down from Greg, so he made Neil do all kinds of chores that weren't very enjoyable."

         It's still early and traffic is light. Ryan and Kyle soon fall asleep while Robbie gets on I-84 near the Brass Mill Mall. Cruising along at about eight-five miles per hour, Robbie closes the windows, turns on the AC, and reaches up with one hand and takes his sunglasses off the visor. He puts them on. With a touch of a button on the steering wheel he changes the station on the radio to the Hip-Hop Station. After driving for a while, Robbie pulled off the highway in Danbury and pulls up to a pump at a gas station. He gets out, takes a credit card out of his wallet, and then begins pumping gas. He grumbles to himself when he notices that gas in Danbury costs forty cents more than gas in Southington. Nearly $85 later the tank was filled. He gets back into the SUV and takes his cell phone out. He had a text from Tim.

"Ryan, wake up. I got a text from Tim."
"What does it say?" asked Ryan sleepily.
"Pauline Templeton is being disciplined. Nothing is happening to Greg or Tim."
"I'm glad for that. Greg and Tim didn't do anything wrong."
"I know that and you know that, but you know what a prick Jake Conner can be. I really wish he had stayed as the Third Shift Manager, but Pete Britton didn't want to be Assistant Manager anymore, so they flip-flopped them."
"Yeah, Tyler was cool."
"Pete is on vacation this week. Otherwise he would've taken care of the problem last night instead of Jake."

         Robbie reached over and took the GPS out of the glove box. He mounted it on the windshield and programmed it for "King of Prussia Mall". No trip to the Philadelphia area would be complete without a trip to the largest shopping mall on the East Coast. He put his cell phone in the cup holder and drove down the street to get back on the highway. A little while later they hit bumper to bumper traffic in New York City.
         Three hours later they were pulling into the parking lot of the King of Prussia Mall. Robbie parked the SUV near JC Penney and the friends get out and walk towards the store. Robbie buttons his jersey. They are puzzled that the door to Penney's is still locked despite the fact that it was after 10. They walked towards another entrance. Inside the mall they walk over to where there is a directory listing all the stores in the mall.

"What exactly are you looking for?" asked Kyle.
"I made an appointment at Regis Salon to get my hair bleached blonde. You guys can look around and do whatever you want," said Robbie.

          While Robbie took off for the hair salon, Ryan and Kyle walked down one of the mall's corridors. They passed store after store. Some they were familiar with, while others such as Connelly's Men Shop they had never heard of. A mannequin in the store's window wore the ugliest suit either of them had ever seen. A sign announced that if you bought one suit at $285.99 the second suit was half price."

"$286 for that ugly thing?" said Ryan in disbelief.
"Yeah and if you buy two the second one is half price."
"I wouldn't wear that thing if they paid me $286!"

          They continued walking through the mall. There was a crowd of people lined up outside the Apple Store. A sign announced that the latest version of the I-Phone was being released that day at Noon. - $719.99 if you pre-ordered it, $769.99 if you didn't. Outside of JC Penney (which strangely was still closed) there were a couple of chairs. The brothers sat down across from each other.

"This mall is huge." said Kyle.
"It's the largest mall of the East Coast."

         They sat people watching for a while. Soon Robbie came out of the nearby hair salon. His hair was cut and bleached blonde.

"Robbie, that's a nice look," said Kyle.
"I feel great and the ladies at the salon knew that I was performing tonight, so they threw in a lot of freebies that I would never pay for myself. They gave me a facial, a manicure, and a pedicure."
"Are you turning into a girly man now?"
"Of course not. They offered it for free. If you had seen the attractive girls working at the salon, you would have taken the freebies too." He smiled slyly.

          The three friends began walking through the mall. Ryan glanced at his watch. It said 11:30AM.

"What's next guys? It's 11:30," said Ryan.
"We should check into the hotel. Check-in time isn't until 2PM, but the radio station sponsoring my performance said our room would be ready at Noon."
"Then what?"
"I'm going to take a nap. You guys can go sight seeing if you want. The Helicopter Museum is nearby or perhaps you'd rather go up to Dorney Amusement Park in Allentown. Just make sure to fill the Terrain with gas before you get back here."

          The friends leave the mall and get into the SUV. They drive to the hotel, which is a short distance from the mall. Robbie parks near the main entrance. From the outside the hotel looks relatively new. Robbie gets out and walks into the lobby, while Ryan gets into the driver's seat. The SUV takes off.
          Inside the hotel, Robbie approaches the Front Desk. To the right was a sitting area where there were several empty chairs, an empty sofa, and a flat screen TV. Standing behind the Front Desk was a young man who looked younger than Robbie. He wore a white Polo shirt with the Sheraton logo. His hair was shaved short and he had a gold hoop earring in each ear. His name tag read said Ricky Dawson Front Desk Manager.

"Welcome to the Valley Forge Sheraton. How may I help you today?"
"I'm Robbie Mullens and I'm DJing an event here tonight."

Ricky typed a few things into the computer.

"Mr. Mullens, a suite has been reserved for you on the 3rd floor. The radio station is also giving you a credit card, so you can get whatever you need free-of-charge."
"That's very nice of them."
"Room 303. Do you have any luggage?" asked Ricky, handing him the key card.
"Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Room 303 is on the right hand side fourth door. First door is the gym, second door is a linen closet, third door is room 301, and then the 4th door is your room. If you have any questions or problems pick up the phone in the room and press zero and ask for me."
"Enjoy your stay. I'm looking forward to your performance tonight."

         Robbie headed to the elevator. He got in and rode to the third floor. He got out and walked to his room. He inserted the key card into the slot in the door and the door unlocked. He goes inside. The suite opened up into the living room. There was a couch, two recliners, two end tables with lamps on them, an entertainment center containing a 46 inch HDTV, and a Blu-Ray player. There were doors leading to the 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Robbie walked over to the thermostat and set the AC for sixty-eight degrees. He took off his shirt and lay down on the couch. Soon he was asleep. About half hour later there was a loud knock on the door. Robbie sat up, walked over to the door and opened it. Kyle and Ryan were standing on the other side of the door.

"What are you guys doing here?"
"The Helicopter Museum was closed for a private party and we decided not to drive an hour or so to the amusement park, said Ryan."
"Come on in guys. There's no need to air condition the hallway."

The two brothers joined Robbie inside the hotel suite. The brothers sat in the chairs. Robbie on the couch.

"This suite is real nice. It seems like the radio station spared no expense," said Kyle.
"Not only did they get us this nice suite, but they also gave me a credit card. Later I'm getting some new clothes."
"We're going down to the pool. You want to join us?"
"No, you guys go and have fun. I need to get some sleep before tonight's performance."

         Kyle and Ryan left Robbie in the hotel suite and walked down to the indoor pool. Three of the chairs surrounding the pool had people sitting in them, but the pool itself was empty. Ryan and Kyle sat in side by side chairs. Ryan took his cell phone out. He had a new text.

"Kyle, I just got a text from Greg. He got out of work at eleven and he's on his way here. He says he hopes to be here by 4:30."
"That's cool."

          After spending several hours sitting around the pool people watching, Ryan and Kyle walked back up to the suite. The door was locked.

"Robbie, let us in," said Ryan as he knocked on the door.

          The door opened and they walked inside.

"Hey, Robbie," said Ryan.
"What time is it?"
"4:30. Greg Peterson will be here any time now."
"Nice. As soon as he gets here, we're going to Walmart."

         The brothers sat next to Robbie. Ryan's cell phone rings.

"What's up Greg?"
"I just pulled into the parking lot. What room are you guys in?"
"Room 303 on the third floor."
"I'll be up in a few."
"All right dude. Knock when you get here."

         Less than five minutes later Greg was knocking on the door to the hotel suite. Ryan opened the door and Greg walked in. He was wearing khaki pants and a white wife beater.

"Greg, how was your trip?"
"It wasn't too bad. Aside from the traffic in NYC, there was also a four car accident on 84 near the Brass Mill Mall."
"Greg, we're going to Walmart. Want to come with?" asked Robbie.
"No, I'll stay here."

          Robbie put on his shirt and buttoned it. The three friends left the suite and went downstairs to the parking lot. Robbie gave the keys to the SUV to Kyle. Kyle got in the driver's seat while Robbie sat in the passenger seat and Ryan sat behind him. They drive to Walmart.
          Inside the store they headed to the Men's department. Robbie grabbed a pair of size 36 Wrangler jeans off a rack that said "Clearance $8.00", along with a Phillies Jersey. The twins each grabbed a pair of denim shorts and sleeveless T-shirts off the shelf. Robbie then walked over to the shoe department and grabbed a pair of size 13 work boots off the shelf. He met up with Ryan and Kyle by the front registers. There was a bin of Phillies baseball hats for $5. Robbie grabbed one and then the three of them got in line to pay.
          After paying for their stuff and driving back to the hotel, Robbie took a shower while his friends got dressed. When Robbie got out of the shower he had on his jeans and unbuttoned Phillies Jersey. He puts on his Phillie's hat at a slight angle and sat down to put on his work boots. The three of them walked downstairs, where a couple of conference rooms were set up as a night club. It was dimly lit. A young man in his early 20s stood behind the bar.

"Can I help you guys?" asked the bartender.
"I'm DJ Robbie Mullens. I'm performing here tonight for the radio station.
"The radio station isn't here yet. You guys can have a seat or go over to where the DJ equipment is set up."

         The guys sat down at the bar.

"Get me a Heineken and give these guys a soda," said Robbie.

          The bartender put the drinks on the bar. Robbie gave him the radio station's credit card. A thirty something year old woman of average height and build with long curly hair came up to the bar.

"Robbie Mullens? I'm Julianna Tedesco Promotions Manager of the radio station."

She extended her hand. Robbie shook her hand and said "Nice to meet you. These are my associates - Ryan and Kyle Burton."

          Robbie and Ms. Tedesco walked away from the bar. Robbie had his beer in his right hand and took a sip. They walked over towards the back of the room.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to cancel your performance here tonight."
"Excuse me?"
"You're too fat. When I saw you performing at Club Cosmic with your shirt off you had ripped abs. I invested in billboards promoting you as one of the hottest and sexiest DJs. No one is going to want to see you with a beer belly."
"Really? You're fat shaming me?"
"You're working for me. I can make any rules I want."
"What if I button my shirt?"
"No deal."
"Really? I'm going to sue the radio station."

          Robbie walked back to the bar and sat next to Ryan. He looked upset.
"What's wrong?" asked Ryan.
"That bitch fat shamed me and canceled my performance. Can you believe that shit?"
"That's ridiculous."
"I'm going to sue the radio station."
"Hold on. I'm going to make a phone call."

          Ryan got up and walked away from the bar. He took his cellphone and dialed a number. He began talking to someone. It was a quick conversation and soon he came back to the bar.

"Robbie, good news. I talked to my uncle and you can still perform tonight."
"Your uncle?"
"Yeah. Uncle Doug Burton is the General Manager of the radio station"
"Forget it. I don't want to do it anymore. It's too humiliating."
"That's your decision, Robbie. Anyway he's going to fire Ms. Tedesco and is willing to give you $250,000 so you don't sue the radio station."

          The three friends sat in silence at the bar. Twenty minutes later a gentleman looking like an older version of Ryan and Kyle walked over to the bar.

"Uncle Doug!" exclaimed Ryan and Kyle together.
"How are you guys?"
"We're doing well. Anyway, this is Robbie Mullens," said Ryan.
"Robbie, I'm terribly sorry about this I'm here to give you a check for $250,000. I'm also dismissing Julianna Tedesco."
"Thank you, Mr. Burton. You are too kind, but I'm still not going to DJ tonight."
"That's fine Robbie. I completely understand. I'll get someone from the radio station to DJ.

          Doug gave Robbie the check. He put it in his pocket. The three friends left the "club" and went back up to the suite, where Greg was watching TV.

"We're going back to Connecticut Greg."
"My performance was canceled."
"That's too bad."

         The group of four gathered up their belongings. They left the hotel suite. Robbie went down to the lobby to checkout, while the other three went out to the parking lot. After checking out, Robbie walked outside and got in the driver's seat of the SUV. Ryan and Kyle get in. They began the long drive back to Connecticut.
          It was almost Midnight when Robbie pulled the SUV into the parking lot of Club Cosmic. Ryan and Kyle were asleep in the back seat. Robbie parked next to a white Nissan Cube.

"Wake up guys. We're at Club Cosmic."

         The three friends get out of the SUV and go inside the club and are surprised to see Kandi working the door, checking IDs instead of behind the bar. She looks up and acknowledges the group with a wave. For a Saturday night the club wasn't very busy. Wendy Swanson was the only bartender. The three friends grabbed some seats at the bar. It was a moment before Wendy acknowledged them. Strangely there was no music playing.

"Robbie, I thought you were in Philly tonight." There was annoyance in her voice.
"Things didn't work out as planned. I'll have a Blue Kamikaze drink. Get these guys whatever they want and put it on my tab."

          Wendy handed Robbie his drink. He took it and walked up to the DJ booth where Chris Gibson was looking through stacks of CDs, which were scattered all over the place. He seemed unfazed by the fact that there was no music playing. Robbie entered the DJ booth, took a sip from his drink, and placed it on a shelf.

"What's the trouble, Chris?"
"Nothing at all, Robbie."
"It seems like there's trouble. This is a night club and there is no music playing!"
"I can't decide what to play."
"When was the last time you played any music?"
"Over two hours ago."
"What!?" there was shock and disbelief in Robbie's voice.

          Robbie grabbed a CD off the shelf, put it the CD player, and pressed play. A moment later "YMCA" by The Village People began playing.

"Get the hell out of here before I get mad!" exclaimed Robbie.

         Chris ran from the DJ booth. Robbie took a sip of his drink before walking back to the bar. He sat down.

"You really messed up Robbie," said Wendy. There was a hint of anger in her voice.
"Excuse me?"
"You recommended Chris Gibson as a DJ."
"I left you a list of DJs that I know. You hired Chris."
"You're suspended for a week. Please leave."

          Robbie left his half empty drink on the bar. He stood up and signaled for Ryan and Kyle to follow him outside. Robbie couldn't believe that he had lost two DJ gigs in one night. That had to be a record. Outside the friends get into the SUV. Robbie started the SUV and took off down Wolcott Road.

"What's next guys?" asked Robbie.
"Nothing. We're both beat," said Kyle. "We'll stay in your guest room."

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