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Draco fights Blingo
          Blingo lunged at Draco, breaking Draco's train of though temporarily, but in a swift flurry of tailcoats and blades, they were clashing, blade on blade, and occasionally, fist to skin. After many parries from both sides, Draco lay a cut upon Blingo's sword arm. Taking this advantage, Draco round-house kicked Blingo, sending him crashing to the ground.

          As Draco looked up, he heard applause, which came from his friends, Exidonius Jr. and Garet. He waved with a huge smile back at his friends, just as he felt shocking pain, to see he had been stabbed, through a ligament in his arm, his Left arm, not his sword arm. He swung around and conjured a dagger, and sent it flying. It landed with a satisfying thunk in Blingo's lower stomach. Draco, being merciful, lashed out with his sword, decapitating Blingo.
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