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by jaya
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It is in me, a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Day after day, when I
gaze at the celestial
dawn and beauteous
dusk, when I feel the
joy of nature welcoming
the healing sun, while some
trapped in prisons
of endless concrete
do not get even a glimpse
of a fistful of blue sky;

when I could wander like
a white cloud among the
ranges of granite laced with
countless flowers of varied hues
and walk on the soft green carpet
of fragrant grass breathing in
the scented air blown off unknown
blossoms and herbs, while a few
of my fellow men far forgot
the sight of tranquil woods;

when I could still rise from a
dreamless, restful sleep
fresh and happy to the song of
a melodious cuckoo,
to one more day fulfilling duties
and benefiting from my dear brethren,

Contentment springs from
the fount of my spirit
like a pillar of water
rising from a never drying,
cool and consoling cistern.

My heart glows and my head
bows in humble gratitude to His
over-flowing love and blessings.


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