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Excerpt is from One Republic's song All we Are. The first happy birthday in nineteen years
I really hate my alarm clock. It wakes me up at 5:30 every morning, informing me in strident notes that another day has begun. This morning wasn't any different; 5:30 and the clock was pulling me out of a fitful slumber. I don't know why I didn't reset it; there was no point in being up so early, but it had woken me up at the same time for five years, why change now.
March 29th. just another date in another year; okay, so maybe I was being dramatic, but I'd been on edge ever since Randall's transfer to Quantico. He'd wanted that assignment for years, but this might not have been the best time...At least he was okay.
Get dressed, eat breakfast, go for a run, schedules, plans, meaningless hours. What did I expect? Randall and I knew our respective jobs would keep us from spending much time together, so what the hell was wrong with me? It was just another day.
CRASH! If the neighbors cat had gotten into the garbage again...Note to self, don't waste ammunition on a hungry feline.
I pulled on my bathrobe and headed down stairs to throw the offending feline over the back fence; except, it wasn't the cat. Randall was standing in the middle of my kitchen, holding a muffin, and about to retrieve a skillet off the floor. He grinned and threw me a mock salute. "Commander Williams."
I folded my arms and gave him a glare that was generally reserved for first year cadets. "What the hell are you doing?"
He picked up the skillet, still grinning. "Making breakfast, ma'am."
"You flew in from Quantico, and broke into my house to eat a muffin before six o'clock?" Inside I was squealing like a three year old on Christmas morning.
"Actually the muffin's for you, but you aren't supposed to be up yet. Don't you ever sleep in?"
"Not unless I'm unconscious." I finally dropped the glare and smiled at him. "Really, what are you doing here?"
"Isn't a guy allowed to make a lady breakfast on her birthday?" He set the skillet and muffin on the counter and crossed the kitchen to wrap me in his arms.
"How did you..." I asked, my face half buried in his shoulder.
"I read your file."
I pulled away slightly and gave him my most innocent look. "You aren't stalking me, are you Lieutenant?"
"Who? Me " His smile faded slightly. "I missed you so much."
"I missed you too." I was probably crying, but it didn't matter; I'd never been so happy.
He pulled me closer and whispered, "Happy birthday, Hazel."
Not just another day, after all.

We won't say our goodbyes you know its better that way
We won't break, we won't die
It's just a moment of change
All we are, all we are, is everything that's right
All we need all we need, a lover's alibi
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