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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1926509
Zuma ~ Zuma ~ Massage ?
    A long time ago there was a Swedish Health Spa in Maine.
    And the massages were very naughty.  It was a brothel
    and it was owned by a police chief and a few gandstahs.
    And I loved to get a message there and follow up with a steak
    at the Sea Gull Restaurant.

    So, the FBI raided it after the IRS arrested the accountant.
    The Swedish Health Spa had been in business for TWENTY YEARS.
    This was not a news flash, everybody knew about the naughty massages.
    The Swedish Health Spa advertised on the internet as a "gentlemen's club."
    just like the Chicken Ranch in Las Vagas.

    Well, Zuma fitness and wellness got busted for (drum role) prostitution.
    And it happened in Kennebunk, Maine. Oh?
    There's sex in Kennebunk? "Oh, that's just disgusting" said the blond
    Maine news anchor woman, wearing a push up bra.
    If its legal in Nevada, why can't it be legal in Maine?
    Because, Maine is prudish about (sex) ahem. We are not talking about
    street walker hookers pounding on your station wagon as you load your
    groceries. This is a discrete massage services and it had many wealthy
    and influential clients.

    Is that bad? There are some, who will say yes.
    Personally, I think if you buy a date with cash, its only fair to get ...
    a good massage. What the hell is the point of dating, if you don't get a good
    message?    That's human sexuality 101.
    But, the law is not always just.  That's why we have juries.
    Northern juries refused to uphold southern slavery laws and granted asylum
    to escaped slaves.  The slavery laws were unjust.. here-ya.

    Just venting, but why is sex between consenting adults a government
    issue?  What if the government decides, who can have babies?
    Is that just?  Maine is very uptight about (sex).. They outlawed orgies.
    Yup, its illegal to have a sex party in the State of Maine.
    Only monogamous sex up here-ya..  Maybe, some naked Twister?
    No anal or oral sex either ! That's Sodomy !
    You can watch the Bible on the History channel to see what happens
    to those Sodomites. . I'm wondering if the blond anchor woman would
    object to Sodomy?  .. But, if a man and woman have anal and oral sex
    is it Sodomy?  I thought God smited the Sodomites for gay sex..
    or was it sex with animals, which the United States Senate has declared
    legal with a bill that excludes sex with animals as rape...

    So, don't ever pay your date for sex in Maine, unless it's a pet?
    Doggy sex is legal only with your...dog.. That's a federal law.
    Maine law is anybodies guess...

    I digress.

    Viva Las Vagas!

            ^ ^
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