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Rated: 13+ · Essay · Arts · #1926810
The Creative Process.. sort of.

        So, I'm thinking about art. How does it work?
    Is it providential or entirely irrational. I've known professional artist.
    My grandma painted landscapes for hotel lobbies and rooms.
    She called it wallpaper. Mom had some training from grandma,
    but she didn't make a living at it. >

            > There are two kinds of artists<

    The first wants to make a living from their work.

    The second is just day dreaming.

          I fall into the second category ... which reminds of an economics course.
  Consider the two major laws of trade. >

  The first is civil law, i.e., the law of the country.

  The second is uniformed commerce codes. The second is more important.
  It governs how countries trade with each other. If a country practices unfair trade,
  then an embargo can be put on their trade. If a country does not pay its debt
  to another country an embargo can be put in place. Everything has a value
  under the UCC, even people.

        That's why every birth certificate has a serial number that can be looked
  up on the stock exchange. We all have a cash value.
  So, although I am not generating a fortune, my art is still valuable.
  What is my art?  Simply put; it is my day dreams or creative property.
  Oh, I have considered self publishing, but that could cost $1,500.00.
  That's an expensive investment for me and my birth certificate.

        A freighter birthed in a harbor must present a manifest, which has
  serial numbers of products on it. Imagine a world where every living and nonliving
  thing has a serial number and value; even your dreams. Spooky?
  What if ghosts were residual stock to be recycled? Maybe there is
  way to profit from the dead... through estate planning and the art of
  necromancy. .. The wealthy would pay a fortune for immortality for the art of
  reincarnation.  You may think that silly, but religion is very profitable.
  And religious art is expensive. How many millions are kept in the Vatican
  museum?  What would Jesus do with it?

  There is always a price.+
  That is the art of a deal.

  70 x 70

  Reflections: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can name their baby anything
                    they like. It will still have a serial number on it's birth certificate
                    and that is its value. Personally, I've always been partial to Inky
                    after the great Sumerian warrior Inkydu, who with the legendary
                    Gilgamesh fought against the firey bull. If the baby is a girl, Inga is
                    cute. But, the choice is theirs ; Krist is okay.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1926810