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by Catie
Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #1927224
a woman waking up into her new world, losing then gainging her heart back.

Electra lay awake that night, remembering the painful memories of her turning. The memories that she thought would never come back, that she thought would lay dormant in her mind for eternity. She could remember it like it was yesterday evening:

She had just gotten home from a day of shopping with her friends, carrying her bags up the stairs to her room, setting them on her bed, when she felt a breeze flow around her, like she had left her window open. Turning, she walked to her window, feeling the latches to see if they were locked tight. Feeling a breeze flow past her neck, she quickly turned around to see where it had come from.

She looked around to see if anyone else was in the room with her. “Who’s there?” She asked, her icy-blue eyes scanning the dimly lit room.
Placing her hand over her racing heart, she took a few deep breathes to calm it down. A voice in her head kept shouting for her to run, like there was something waiting for her in the dark spots of her room.

But the feeling that she wasn’t alone came back again, shaking her to the bone that she quickly walked out of her closet, closing the doors behind her, as she ushered herself to the bedroom door, locking it as she ran back to her bed jumping into the middle of it, her eyes looking frantic around the room.

Her eyes widened, her body, nerves, and muscles froze when her eyes landed on a pair of beady blood red ones looking back her, with a look of hunger and thirst flashing in its animalistic gaze. It’s mouth opening, reveling twin sharp Canines that were poised for the attack.
Before she could open her mouth and scream, the demon lunged at her, covering her mouth with its hand, while its other hand restrained her wrists, holding them captive over her head, to keep her from moving around so much.

Her eyes were fully opened as she took in the fiend that was on top of her. From his black-raven colored hair, to the tattoo on his neck in the shape of wolf ears with the rest hidden underneath his t-shirt. She knew it to be her long time lover, Drake. The man she had fallen in love with so many years ago.

         She let out a strangled cry, as she saw his eyes land on her neck, his mouth opening wider, as he lashed out with his fangs burying deep into her neck. He began to drain her of every drop of blood that she had, until there was only a little left, for him to give her his blood to turn her.
Electra tried to fight against him, but soon she felt herself begin to fade away into the darkness that slowly consumed her.

A few nights later, she awoke in a bed that wasn’t her own, her throat burning for something to drink, to stop the thirst that needed to fade. She looked to see a mirror hanging on the wall across the room. Her once sky-blue eyes, now a violet hue with white flecks in them, her skin a pasty white while her dark hair was now a blackish brown color.

Hearing a door open, she looked to see a small servant girl carrying what looked to be clothes in her hands. She couldn’t keep her eyes on them, but moved her gaze to the girl’s neck, seeing the blue vein pulse with the girl’s lifeblood, that would soon spill, would soon quail her thirst.

The feeling of something shooting from her gums, a growling sound leaving her parted lips, her nails growing into claws, as she lunged at the girl, burying her fangs into the girls throat, as she began to drink her fill. She heard a deep, rich laughter from behind her, jerking her from her prey as she hissed, seeing her killer leaning against the door, watching her with amusement in his eyes.

“Look who’s awake, my beautiful bride.” Drake said in a lazy tone. He watched Electra with eyes like a cat, keeping its prey in its sight.

“I am not yours!” She shouted. Looking at him with anger, in her large violet eyes. “Not after what you did to me!” She lunged at him, her claws extended, her fangs poised to bleed him.

Before she could catch him, he caught her wrists in a steel-like grip, capturing her lips with his in a passionate, intense kiss that had her dazed and shocked.

“Because,” He said against her lips.” I didn’t want to lose you. Not after everything that we’ve been through.” And with that he pulled away, locking his arms around her, as he pulled her closer to him.

She was lost for words, as she stood there in his arms, her body encasing in his as she laid her head against his chest, her eyes filling with tears.” But you did, lose me.” She murmured, the tears falling as she closed her eyes, pushing him away from her, as she fled. Leaving behind the one person that she thought was right for her. But she thought wrong, and had paid the consequences.”

Electra pushed away the memories, as it had been a century since she had last seen him. She had made sure there was always a way that he couldn’t find her, changing her name, her looks, even her personality. But she couldn’t change the way her heart still hanged onto him. Leaving him that night had been the hardest thing she could’ve done. She felt empty and alone, like there was a black hole inside of her, pulling in all the pain and sorrow, turning it into nothing.

She let out a soft sigh before getting out of bed as she walked to the closet, picking out a dress that came to mid-thigh, the dark purple bringing out her violet eyes as she put on black heels, leaving her room as she walked out of her house, walking down the street to the local club that was always open late.

Reaching the club, the bouncer she knew as a local friend, let her in as protests from the humans that came to the club every night to party were to get drunk and have one night stands. But she only went to get away from the real world and for blood. As she walked down the hall and through a red curtain, the music the DJ played blasting to its limit, drowning out the chatter of the ones around her.

A scent that she thought she had forgotten wafted around her. The woodsy smell mixed with blue axe, which made her feel like she could melt in an instant. She looked to the bar, her violet eyes locking with blood red ones. Her heart climbing it’s way to the middle of her throat, clogging it until she felt like she couldn’t speak right. She thought she would never see him again. She thought she was careful to always hide herself when he was not in her territory. But yet he was.

“Electra!” She heard Drake shout her name, as he chased after her. He always loved to chase his food.
She turned down an alleyway, coming to a halt, her hands flattening against the wall, blocking her from falling. She looked around franticly, for a spot of door to get away. But it was to late, Drake had caught up to her, cornering her like a cat corning a mouse.

“Leave me alone, Drake.” She pleaded. Her body trembling as she looked at him. Her heart beating fast, as it longed to feel his love for her.

“Why would I do that, Electra?” Drake said tersely. “After everything we’ve been through. After I gave you eternity, you ran out on me!” He banged his fist on the wall beside her head, making her flinch away.

“You turned me into a monster!” She shouted, anger boiling her blood. “You turned me against my will, and never told me you were a vampire!” She banged her fists on his chest, tears filling her eyes, fighting to run down.

He let her hit him, knowing he deserved it for what he did to her. He felt his heart clench at the words she threw at him. Catching her wrists, he held them down by her side. “Let’s go back to your home, and you can let me explain everything to you.” He said lightly.

Electra nodded as she led the way to her apartment. When they got there, she opened the door, as she walked up the stairs to her room with Drake following close behind her, as she walked into her room to her closet, dressing in comfortable clothing, as she sat on the bed. Looking at him while he sat in the chair, nearer to her bed.

“Explain.” She demanded. Not being able to keep patient around him. Her heart beating fast, crawling higher in her throat.

Drake sighed, looking at her with regret in his eyes. “I was born a vampire. Apart of a royal bloodline that has thrived for many centuries. I needed a life change. Being royal had its limits. But then I met you, Electra.” His eyes locked with hers. His love showing through them.” And I knew that you were the one, that could keep my thirst from controlling me. Every since I first met you, I wanted to turn you and make you mine for eternity. That night I was crazed, full of hunger that I had to do something. I was blinded by the thirst and yet I took it out on you, and for that I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, Electra. I never wanted to turn you against your will, until I explained everything to you.

I was going to explain it to you that night, but you ran out on me, breaking my heart in the process. But I never stopped loving you. Never. I want you back Electra, if you’ll still have me.” He looked at her, his body tensing, as he waited for her to say something that would ease his nerves.

Electra pondered the thought. Looking up, meeting his gaze, she said softly. “Don’t ever hurt me again, Drake. I wouldn’t be able to take the pain again.” She stood from the bed as she walked over, standing in front of him, feeling his hands wrap around her waist.

“I would rather die then hurt you again, Electra.” He said softly, bringing his hands up to cup her face, as he stood, looking down at her. Bending his head, as he brushed his lips lightly across hers, in a feather-like kiss.” I love you, Electra.”

“And I love you, Drake.” She said softly wrapping her arms around his neck, as she laid her head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat and feeling it beat in time with hers.

Maybe she believed in giving second chances, to those who deserved them. She knew her heart deserved it.
Her life now falling into place as it pieced slowly back together, piece by piece. Until it was whole again.
© Copyright 2013 Catie (wildwolf2012 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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