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It was late at night when Lucy died.
A Mother's Love

It was late at night when Lucy died. Who was Lucy? She was a three day old puppy that had been through so much in her little life. First, she was born with her head stuck in the birth canal. Her sweet mama had cleaned her all the way before we discovered her. Second, she lost precious oxygen until we could get her out. Third, she quit breathing altogether after the traumatic birth. I rubbed and coaxed. I gave mouth to mouth. I did everything, and suddenly that baby came back from the dead.

We thought everything was good, but after all that happened with the birth, she had very little head control, and couldn't latch on to her mama for her much needed nutrition. It was too late when I realized it, but oh I tried so hard. That night I stayed up all night to feed her every 30 to 45 minutes because she was already so dehydrated. Again, I coaxed and prodded, pled and cried. Her mama couldn't understand what was going on. She had that pleading but questioning look in her eyes. Still, every time I put that baby back in with her, she cleaned it, protected it, and loved it. After three days of working so hard to save this little 2 ounce size puppy, it just couldn't fight any longer. Her heart stopped working, and her little body lay limp. I cried so hard not understanding why this beautiful little puppy didn't make it. Maddie only had two puppies this time, and one of them had to die.

So, after we all cried over Lucy, we wrapped her up in a clean wash rag, put her in a box for burial the next day, and tried to go to bed. I got up several times in the night to check on the little mama. She just kept looking at me like she was wondering why I didn't bring her baby back to her like I had all the other times I had taken her out to feed her. It made me want to cry, but I tried to love and comfort her the best I could.

In the morning, I checked on her again and was shocked to discover that little Lucy’s body was in the basket with her and the other puppy. While I was asleep, she had found the box where we had laid the baby. She had worked until she got it open. She pulled the rag out and tugged it until she got to the baby inside. She then took the baby gently in her mouth and carried her back to the basket. Then she proceeded to dare anyone to take that baby out of the basket again. She loved her baby so much that even death wasn’t going to keep her separated from her little Lucy.

There is so much that we could learn from this story. However, I am touched by one thought. This little dog shows a true Mother’s Love. In this day and time we live in many human mothers could learn a little bit from my little Maddie. Her baby was gone and she still loved her.

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