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A poem for dealing with the world's troublemakers, including nuclear proliferators!
A life at times so rich and rewarding
Can be filled with much heartbreak and ruin –
Just the sheer madness and unending struggles
Of soldiers, patriots, and iconoclasts
In this embarrassing and abysmal world
Can fill the most God-fearing and humble person
With inextricable doubts and frustration. 

Exploring the root causes and possible antidotes
To these hair-raising problems
May seem supremely righteous and honorable
Given the lack of prescriptive answers
To these sad and rancorous dilemmas. 

But truth and ability rely solely
On energy, discipline, and resolve –
One must counter-balance the lack of order and correctness
With courage, skillfulness, and determination. 

For with patience,
A positive, healthy attitude,
And an inherently good will toward humanity,
An individual or group’s responsiveness will prove
To be just, sane, and strikingly effective
In the eyes of the world’s most loquacious
And disheartening assassins. 

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