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    Hello, My name is Mike Hall.  I am no one of importance, but if you have found this report among my belongings I have met with an untimely end.  If you read this report, you may gain some idea who may be responsible.  That is if anyone were to care enough to investigate.

    Now, I was never trained to be an investigative reporter or any kind of journalist by any means.Fact is that I became interested in working in the medical field as a result  of hearing from my mother writing me about her work in a hospital.  It also happened that my job as unit supply sergeant involved some degree of first aid and field sanitation.  It also required for me to conduct investigations whenever some personal or unit property came up missing.  I guess that is how I learned to investigate for the reports on the loss, that I had to submit up the logistic chain, had to be very thorough.  If I had not answered ever possible question about the loss and who may be responsible, I would have to do the investigation all over again.

    When I left the Army I decided to see if I could become a male nurse.  Unfortunately I was not able so I concentrated on becoming a CNA which I seemed to be more suited for.

    The education required for me to become a CNA seemed to be a lot shorter and included not only book learning which I finally accepted I was not good at, it also involved hands on training.  Most of the hands on training took place at a nursing home not far from where I lived.

    It was a three story building with centrally located nursing stations on each floor.  Three hallways shot out from each station.  Each hallway with about 20 2 person rooms.

    Since those in my class that went to this nursing home were just training we were given two residents to take care of during the hour or two that we were there.

    Right after receiving certification as a Nursing Assisstant I was hired at the nursing home where I had done the hands in part of my training.

    For the first couple of days the facility had me sign papers about confidentiality not only about the residents but also the facility.  It seemed that during training we were kept pretty much away from rooms that were mre advanced.  Rooms in which there was more advanced equipment and more advanced procedures being tested.  It was also explained to me that the facility had close ties to a health care corporation that very much was into the advancement of health care.  I quess that is when my curiousity of what all was going on began.

    Once the papers were signed I was assigned to one of the more experienced CNA's already working at the facility to learn when CNA work was really like.  Instead of only having one or two residents to take care of we were assigned to take care of 16 residents.  Those 16 residents represented a wide range of illnesses and handicaps not to mention a wide range of personalities.

    One of the first residents we had to take care of was Mr. Rogers.

    Mr. Rogers was a fairly average man with thinning hair.  The aide with me said that when he was first admitted to the nursing home he was virtually unable to move any part of his body, or speak.

    When I entered the room I introduced myself as one of the aides that would be taking care of him/  His response to me was an unintelligible yell that the aide only smiled at until she was able to tell me that so far they had succeeded in helping him call out in a loud voice which they sorely regretted doing for he had a tendency to yell at all hours of the day. The two of us gave Mr/ Rogers a bed bath and dressed him, though he was going to stay in bed.  Just the same, it was a good excuse yo give him some range of motion exercises.  Finally I also took his vital for my initial report.

    After leaving Mr. Rogers's room we went to the next resident on our list that was still in bed.  About four of our residents were already up and in the dining room waiting for breakfast.

    The next was

    After her was


    Next there was

    The last seven were aided in sitting up for they would be getting breakfast in bed.

    Once we were finished with our residents we headed to where the food carts would be so that we could serve those that we were responsible for that were still in bed.

    After breakfast we concentrated on those residents that we had not gotten up.  We dressed them and situated them in their wheelchairs in the activity room that only minutes ago was a dining room.  Some of the residents required a shower.

    By the time we finished  with all that it was time for us to take a break before having to deal with lunch.  I took advantage of that time to go to the nurse's station to look at the care plans of all the residents we were taking care of/  That is when I learned some personal information on the residents including the fact that Mr/ Rogers worked at a science lab which was part of the Figg Corporation, the same corporation that the facility had a close tie to.


    as well as my job as company supply sergeant in the Army involving some degree of field sanitation.  It also required me to fill out all kinds of forms including reports of survey whenever some personal or unit property got either damaged or lost.  I quess that is how I learned to do some investigating for the reports on either personal or unit property had to be investigated by me within a short period of time and submitted up the chain of command

After my certification, I was hired at the nursing home where I took the hands on part of my training.  It was a three story building, with a  centrally located nursing station on each floor.  Three hallways shot out from each nursing station.  Each hallway having about 20 2 person rooms.  Each room was state of the art.

    For the first couple of days the nursing home had me attending in-services about the facility-it's polices and such.  In the end I had to sign papers about confidentiality, not only concerning the residents, but the facility.  It was explained to me that the facility had close ties to a health care corporations that very much was into the advancement of health care, as a result some of the equipment and practices would be experimental.  I guess that was when my curiousity about this corporation began.

    Finally I was assigned a section.  I was allowed to look over the care plan for the 10 or so residents I would be taking care of.  Mr. Rogers was a fairly average man with thinning hair.  He was virtually unable to speak, or move any part of his body. From that first day Mr. Rogers became very much a part of daily routine.

    When he came in,  Introduced myself as one of the aides that would be taking care of him.  Of course, he did not seem to acknowledge me or what I was saying, but he did seem to understand.  I then made sure that all his things were put away and he was comfortable in his bed.  Finally I took his vitals for my initial report.  After leaving the room I went to the nursing station where I was given a file which included some personal information including the fact that worked in a science lab which was part of the Figg Corporation, the same corporation that the facility had close ties to.

    Every day I exercised his arms and legs as I talked to him, encouraging him to talk.

    About once a week Mr. Rogers was taken out for a doctor's appointment for which I had to bath and dress him as soon as i stepped on the floor.  Then later that same day, after his return I set him up for the night.

    As the days and weeks went by the range of motion exercises got easier so that I could assist him with greater range of motion exercises.  This his speech became clearer and more natural.  Answering my questions as well as asking me questions.  Little by little our conversations got more and more into his work at the corporation he worked for.  Most of the information involved the corporation's contributions to nursing home.  Anymore and he grew silent.

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