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a nightmare telling or trying to as it were this is a draft i will edit it later.
(ill refix this later i just had to get it out. and keep in mind it is a dream- well nightmare but ya.)

Had one of the scariest dreams u know one of though oh my heart when u wake up from it nightmares. but heres how it goes and i should draw this out later but im n a tent under water or something like that with a window or something apparently i am listening to no more sorrow from linkin park i havent heard that song in ages though. so anyway i start to see the a hand like shape come from above in lines it was crows. then when i starting seeing that wind picked up and loud explosions happen. The wind or current as it were i was like trying to find a way out of it but i couldnt and thats when i woke up with the spilt pain from my chest. woo that was scary worst alarm ever couldnt it have been a nice waking up dream but no always with the bad ones so discuss what could this dream or nightmare as it were mean ? i cant seem to conclude anything.
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