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A description of the Nations in the world of Argor.
The Forgotten Isles

Colonized by the Empire at one time but all contact was lost. Bad waters prevent ships from getting even within eyesight of the isles.

The Woods of the Lost

No one is sure what this is. All who have penetrated its forest walls have never returned. Tales of strange creatures wandering just in sight near the forest’s edge.

The Dragon’s Teeth Moutains

Named from an ancient mythos. Its depths are plunged for mining but no one has ever traversed them.

The Blasted Lands

Believed blasted into its desert state by the Holy Mother Roma due to the heathenous nature of its inhabitants. Ruins can be found littering the desert landscape. Trader nomads live in its edges. One man, remembered only as Marlon, crossed it and came back with strange items. But his mind was asunder. He decried doom and committed suicide eventually.


Seemingly wealthy people. Very artistic and amazing sailors. All attempts at attacking them by any nation is blunted but they do not retaliate or hold grudges. Based on spain.


Dark and morbid people. Monotheistic religion based around the entity known simply as “The Creator”. Monarchy with heavy religious influence. Admitted by the Romans as begrudgingly good fighters. Employ a unit known as “The Creator’s Repentant”, fanatical berserkers. Main enemy of the Roman Empire. Believe all non believers are beneath them. Their laws are also influenced by their church. A lot of real life gothic architecture.


A land of great forests. Home of a very strong and devoted people. They live in harmony with nature but believe humanity is on top of the chain. Warriors are either large and strong or slight and the best stealth troops. Rumored to possess a strange camouflage technology that allows them to all but disappear in the woods. Follow an almost druidic religion that allows for technology and society.

The Carthognian States

A loose federation of weaker states that constantly war with each other unless a warlord steps forth. Some states are steeped in learning and others in blood shed or debauchery. Slavery still exists in these states. A couple of states love trading. Partially desert in some areas and others are like jungles.

The Northern Wastes

A land of extreme cold and snow. All but uninhabitable. Legends still persist of tribes of giant men, trolls, and frost drakes but there is no solid evidence if they exist or not.

The Roman Empire

Capital city is Roma, named for the Holy Mother Roma. Like a slightly futuristic ancient Roman Empire. Lots of columistic architecture. Primarily of the Holy Matrimonius religion although the populace from other countries are allowed to practice their own religion. Always at war with one country or another. Military has a lot of modern and ancient influences.

Land of the Lung

Little is known. Supposedly ruled over by a dragon the calls itself “The Emperor”. Ancient Asian influence. Obedience of troops that brooks upon fanaticism. Brutal enemies. Give no quarter and take no prisoners.
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