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About nature's adaptations for all creatures, including humans - a poem.
Mother Nature is best known for its instinctive
And balanced repertoire,
A bevy of hostile and persevering creatures
Using a wide range of innate behaviors to survive
In a deadly, yet beautiful habitat.

From their ongoing search for sustenance
To their seasonal birthing and mating rituals,
These countless species of animals, birds, and insects
Thrive on the abilities and knack
With which they were acutely born and raised. 
The austere changing of seasons and climate
Add to the domineering struggles facing these noble,
Yet wild, beasts and reptiles. 

On the other hand, humans seem to always rely
On adaptive emotional fluidity
And malleable philosophies
To garner their strength and resolve.
A proud, yet humble person still comes from a background
Replete with expletives, poor judgment,
And successful, worthwhile accomplishments,
And they hang their ever-precarious hat on
These mistakes and good deeds. 

An option that most people prefer instead of deny,
This constant litany of unhampered success
And bitter failure which eats a hole
In their hapless and tired souls,
Yet returns them to the former conditions
Of past glories and hopefully, to a bright future
Of decisive outcomes…

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