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A short entry to a Guardian competition 2 years ago about the dreadful summer weather
I wish that this summer was...summer.

This is a crap summer and that is just putting it lightly. The year of 2011 had brought rubbish weather all year round, but I had hope for this summer. I thought, surely the months of June, July and August would bring endless days of heat, humidity and high temperatures. That the sun’s rays would act as a welcoming furnace, baking every ground and surface. And that there would be luxuriously lazy days of ice creams and ice cubes in cool glasses of lemonade and squash.

Instead, I look out of my window and see this; angry rain screaming against the glass, dreary skies as grey as the deceased and temperatures that struggle and grapple with cold winds to reach the mid-teens.

This is not summer.

I forgot this was England, I really did. In times like these I dream of California because as The Mamas and Papas sang, I’ll be safe and warm if I was in LA. Or Spain in fact, or Hawaii. Ahh, Hawaii; if I close my eyes I can almost hear the gentle strums of the ukulele and waves crashing against the shore...

Then the sound of raindrops rapping my window pane abruptly snaps me out of my pleasant daydream.

Oh yeah, this is England.

Okay yes, there has been rare, and I put emphasise on rare, occasions when we are blessed with amazing weather. The sun decided to stop playing peek-a-boo with the clouds, came out and played with the rest of us. Unfortunately, these moments only last for a few days because of course, we can’t have too much of a good thing.

Perhaps this is punishment. All the rioting and looting that occurred in London, Birmingham and Manchester on the beginning of August. Hundreds of people partaking in the devastations of their own towns and cities. Maybe the sun didn’t want to beam down, and be a part of it all. Did all those young people deserve a summer holiday of brilliantly sunny weather and clear skies?

Maybe not. It’s just a shame the rest of us have to suffer.

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