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Even for Soul collectors, a mother's love is eternal!

She strolled through the mall pushing a baby carriage. It was a new mall that she had never visited. In fact, the town was a bit unfamiliar to her that day. It just seemed so dream-like.

Spotting her lover in the bookstore, about fifty feet ahead, she felt her anxiety ease slightly. As she hastened her steps to meet-up with him, she felt that someone was following her. Stopping in her footsteps, she looked over her right shoulder and saw a very small adult rushing to be at her side. He smiled at her as he leaned ever so close to her hip.

With an agitated rise in her blood pressure, she looked toward the opening of the bookstore in hopes of getting her lover's attention. He was too involved with the literary choices before him to turn around and see her distress.

Thinking of a polite way to tell this dwarf stranger to please back-off, she just side-stepped to the left a little trying to appear as if she spotted something desired in another storefront window. He looked harmless enough but she did have precious cargo in the stroller!

When she turned to look back at him, he was gone. However, there was a long, brown envelope left on the floor. She advanced toward it, saw her name and cautiously reached down. Inside the envelope was a small stack of cash. She felt this strange excitement take-over where the apprehension once lingered. Checking to see that her lover was still content in his mission for the perfect book, she decided to push the carriage toward an interesting storefront further down the mall's aisle. As she passed by a small cafe, she noticed an old friend sitting by herself at a table. Not wanting to be rude and avert her eyes so she could continue with her shopping plans, she entered the cafe.

"Christine, why are you here alone? Where's your family?"

"They're in there." She pointed toward an inner room where there was a huge buffet displayed and many people helping themselves to the fare.

"Why aren't you with them?"

"I've not much of an appetite, lately. I have been doing a lot more observing than participating. It's quite a different view when you're on the outside, looking in, you know."

"Okay, well, I just want to pop-into that mysterious looking store across the way. I'll check back with you when I'm done. I enjoy observing people, also."

She left her friend, feeling odd about the whole day, so far. It appeared as though nobody was acting themselves. Trying to clear her mind of the weirdness she had encountered in the mall, she pushed-on toward the peculiarly attractive shop.

The door seemed to open with barely a touch, as she backed her way inside while pulling on the stroller. She was inside the door when she heard a man point out to her that one of the stroller wheels was holding the door open and that she would have to unstick the wayward wheel. Although the gentleman looked harmless and he was accompanied by a young boy, she felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck. She watched him as she freed the stroller wheel. The door seemed much heavier this time as she pulled on the wheel with one hand and held the tinted-glass structure ajar with the other. Finally, she was inside the narrow shop. The room was filled with sweet aromas, however, the heavy incense made it suddenly become foggy, making it difficult to see any of the merchandise. She saw a clearing ahead and with a smile on her lips, she ambled toward the narrow hallway.


"Wow, she was a tough one to let go of her world, Willy!"

"But, Jordan--Sir, I mean, did the baby have to die, too? I'm just saying, it couldn't have been her child, she was getting up there in years."

"Oh, my dear protege, no baby died. Her baby buggy was empty. I had to make sure the wheel was freed because she would never go on without her child. You see, she was a mother and although all her children are grown, she still clung to the idea that they would always need her. It broke her heart at the idea they would feel the immense pain of losing her. Sorrily, we have many mothers struggling in this way at their end of time. It can be quite sad, you know."

"Then why doesn't a youth like me fight the walk down the eternal corridor?"

"Oh, that's simple, Willy. The very young have not experienced much life, love, and becoming parents. They are naturally curious and will go toward the beautiful lights they see. However, your mother's love for you will burn in her heart eternally. That is why you will be here at the portal when it is time for her soul to depart. She will go willingly; for you, Willy, were her only child."

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Contest: This is based on a picture prompt from Kiyasama's PhotoManips gallery. The picture is called, "REBIRTH."

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