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I was a happy mother. I had three sons, and we loved each other. Then the worst thing that could happen, did happen. One of my sons was hit by a car and killed. My family could never answer the question of why. It is the worst thing for a parent to lose a child, and we felt only sorrow.

God can comfort where there is pain, but as I grew older, I still could not understand why this tragedy had occurred. Then I realized that faith would give all, and I would no longer have pain. As I was reaching old age I felt closer and closer to God. God knows and sees all.

The Bible was mine to read and I would read it time and time again. Now another son became sick, and I could not live with the sorrow of losing another. I have felt the majesty of God, for he looks upon us like his children. They say that anything that happens is by the will of God and God alone. God has given eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to feel, and a mind to think. In my declining years I have never lost the sorrow, but we are not here on this planet to judge God. For it is his commandments and other laws man must follow. God knows and sees all.

I felt the power of God, even as I was dying. I have felt the majesty of God. I have lived a good life, and now I feel myself getting closer to God, since part of him is within us. He is our God, our Father ,and can see us through and through. He watches our actions and he judges us all; he gave this earth for us to take care of. From the fields of straw to the trees in the woods to the beautiful fall foliage. He watches us all; our actions within us and outside of us. God knows and sees all.

He can make the dead rise to life again. He watches man’s life from place to place and watches over all of us. God has given us ears to listen, minds of our own, spirit, flesh, and soul. God believes in the sanctimony of a man and a woman and blesses their children. He opened the Red Sea for his chosen people and left the undeserving to his wrath. The bond between God and man will never be broken for he is our Father in spirit. God knows and sees all.

Now I was near death and I could feel myself slipping away. I could begin to see a light. A group of people were within the light. I recognized them as friends and family long gone by. God knows and sees all.

A nurse knocked on the door of my room and there was no answer. They entered. They found me dead. I had a content look on my face. God gave us his Ten Commandments and made a nation for man. He sees the goodness of man as well as evil among them. God knows and sees all.

God is pleased when parents and children are bound together in love and friendship. No man has the ability to judge God. I could see the light again with a book grasped in my hand, and my long-past friends and family were there. We all left and walked into the light. When they found me in my room I was dead, but only in body, not in sprit. I found myself in paradise; beautiful mountains abounding, and gigantic waterfalls. Trees full of fruit and seed lay before me .My family long gone were there to meet me and it was truly miraculous. They spoke of the journeys they had taken in life and death and of the greatness of this place. I’d had a happy life, with many children and grandchild left behind, and now I could feel the majesty of it all, seeing more of my friends and family long gone from life. God knows and sees all.

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