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A young woman's introduction into the Sapphic world.
Me, Kate and Nic.
All 21.
All single.
All on holiday together on a small Greek island.
It was so liberating to be away from all the prying eyes and gossipers in our small village.
We hit the ground running, nightclubbing every night, taking tours and activities provided by our hotel. The three of us shared a room to keep costs down. We had become friends with some others who were also staying at the hotel- Steve and Lisa, both 26  – Suzy, 22, alone, and Andy, 25 also alone.
4 nights in, we were at the club again after a day of cruising around the island. Kate and Nic had hit it off with the skipper of the boat and his brother, and drifted away somewhere fairly early. Suzy and Andy were dancing with each other all night. Not hard to guess how that was going to end up.
Too much sun, too much drink and not enough sleep caught up with me, and I called it a night at 2a.m.
“You’re not walking back on your own are you?” Lisa asked “I’ll be fine!” I replied. She turned to Steve “what do you think? She shouldn’t walk back alone should she?” he shrugged “it’s up to her, she’s a big girl.”
With that, I said good night again and turned to leave. As I reached the door of the club, Lisa appeared.  She linked arms with me “I’ll walk you back Hon, you could get into trouble alone!”
“Ok, thanks, “I was used to this protective attitude - I had 3 big brothers at home who never let me walk anywhere alone at night. It was easier to just say yes.
I don’t really remember what we talked about but I know that we laughed a lot, and when a couple of guys approached us, Lisa said assertively “we’re together Boys!” Needless to say they found this an exciting notion and suggested that we spend some time together.” No, seriously, we’re together” they sulked away, we giggled –“works every time” she laughed.
We soon arrived at the hotel room that I shared with Kate and Nic. I put the key in to the lock. As I turned to say goodnight, Lisa put both her hands on the door, either side of me. “Can I have a kiss for walking you home?” she smiled. I looked at her, startled, yet intrigued. I had never kissed a woman before, yet alone been invited to! ‘Um – Ok” I replied, a little un-nerved.
She kissed me.
I liked it.
I kissed her back.
It was the best kiss, the softest kiss, my first girl kiss. We kissed again. I couldn’t believe that I was kissing a girl and it was really turning me on!! Lisa pushed me against the door with her body; I automatically pushed back in to hers. She reached behind me and turned the key, opening the door. She peered around it “No one’s here” she said as she grabbed my hand, pulling me inside, locking the door behind us. “Just in case” she winked at me. “Where do you sleep?” she asked.” There” I pointed. By the time we got to the bed, we were both stripped. Lisa took both my hands and pulled me around to stand in front of her.  “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you” she said gently; she could obviously tell it was my first time.
Guiding me to sit on the bed, “Don’t move!” she ordered, and went into the bathroom, returning with a wet face washer and a towel. She sat on the floor in front of me, and as she took my foot in her hands, she murmured “poor feet, in those come fuck me shoes all night!” She used the face washer to clean my feet and then dried them afterwards with the towel. She then took my foot in her hands and started to massage. It felt so good, they had been in cfm shoes all night and the relief I felt at her touch was immediate. It felt so intimate.
I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of release but opened them again with surprise as she put my big toe in her mouth. It took my breath away, and when she started to tongue in between my toes, I squirmed and giggled, but she held on tight. She moved to the other foot, massaging, sucking and licking. By now my whole body was fizzing with energy, when just half an hour earlier I was ready for sleep. She moved her hands up to my shins, using her thumbs to press in to pressure points, again relieving soreness from the shoes, but also arousing every part of me. I felt relief, apprehension, and anticipation with every move of her hands. I was both exhausted and stimulated at the same time.
She lifted my legs up and onto the bed, and positioned herself between them, pushing my knees up at the same time. I watched her as she massaged my kneecaps, working around them, under them, sending shivers up my spine;so good! Her hands moved along my thighs, again finding pressure points, releasing tension, creating energy. “Turn over “she murmured as she helped ease me onto my stomach. She started working on my calf muscles. “So tense!”she whispered. When she got to my knees, she suckled the soft flesh at the back – another erogenous zone I hadn’t been aware of before now, and massaged her way up the back of my thighs. Up to this point she hadn’t touched me sexually at all, but the way she touched me was so sensual anyway; I was so turned on.
She traced the line between my buttocks, touching me like a feather, sending my nerve endings crazy, goose bumps instantly appearing on my skin. I had never even had a full body massage before! “You have beautiful skin!” she said as she moved up to my back. She moved, carefully sitting on my butt, as she massaged my back, she moved, rubbing herself on my ass, the movement causing my pubic bone to push into the mattress, stimulating my body and mind beyond any experience I had ever had. She turned me over and swept her hand really lightly over my pubic hair – just enough to make me shudder. Using her thumbs, Lisa found the top of my hips and gently pressed into the soft flesh between the body and the bone, moving her hands up and around then over my stomach and then up under my rib cage. It was like she almost wanted to get inside of me, her fingers exploring, moving expertly around my body, as if she already knew it well. As her hands closed over my breasts, I pulled her up to me.
Our lips met fiercely, passionately, she sucked my tongue when I put it in her mouth, bit my lips and moved to my throat, licking, sucking, tasting, and kissing. I could touch her now; the softness of her skin was bliss. Underneath her beautiful skin though, she was toned, and the combination of her softness and her strength was exhilarating. Using my hip bone to rub herself on, her hand went straight down to my pussy. Her fingers moved expertly, first a little way in, and then out, up and over my clit. She set the pace and as she could feel my tension building, she moved down the bed, put her soft, hot lips on my pussy, helping me to climax; I felt like I was flying. She suckled and nuzzled until I couldn’t stand anymore and involuntarily pushed her head away. I felt relaxed, I felt joy, and I felt relief.
Lisa moved back up the bed to me, and kissed me “see how good you taste?” she murmured. We rolled over, me on top of her now, using her thigh to continue my stimulation. I touched her breasts, passing my thumb over her nipple, feeling it harden as I did so. I was in awe of her body, and ran my hands over and over, up and down, trying not to rush, as she had taken her time with me. Feeling her softness and her response to my touch gave me confidence; I knew what to do.
I took her breast into my mouth, losing myself in the taste and smell of her. She was sweet and salty, musky and sweaty, totally intoxicating me. I moved down her body, using my hair, sweeping it over her skin hearing and feeling her enjoyment of the sensation, her arousal growing. I pulled her up to a kneeling position, our bodies joined, slippery with sweat. I parted her legs, moving my hand between them. The feel of her enveloped my whole being, her moans encouraging me on. I manoeuvred myself between her legs as she knelt so that I was under her pussy, pulled her down to me and  began to lick gently, a little unsure of how much or how far to go. She responded straight away, moving her hips. We fitted together perfectly, we were in rhythm with each other; nothing else mattered.
Hearing her breathing change, my instincts lead me to put my fingers inside her and as I did, I felt her pussy tightening on them as she began her own climax. She quickly turned around and went straight down on me, our tongues on each other now; we held each other fast, moving together until her body, straining as she came, released all her tension. I came again soon after, feeling totally spent.
We lay there, cooling down, our breath slowly returning to normal. Suddenly I felt very sober; “Lisa! What about Steve?” she looked at me, questioning “what about him?” “Well, won’t he be wondering where you are? I mean aren’t you together? Oh my God what have we done?” I felt ill now. She moved to lie next to me, head propped up on her hand “He’s my brother Hon, didn’t you get that??” “Oh fuck! I felt sick for a minute!” she laughed, “wait til I tell him that, he’ll love it!”
That made me think – what would happen now. How would I tell Kate and Nic – should I tell them? Would Lisa and I do this again? Would we be a couple on this holiday? Could we be open on the island? Was this a one off for me, was I straight? Experimenting? Did this mean I was a lesbian? Lisa was hot, but I knew I liked men too; I was baffled by the whole thing.
“You ok?” she lit two cigarettes and handed one to me. I figured that she could be the only one that I could talk to about these feelings so I told her. She didn’t offer up a judgment, but she did say, “You could be bisexual Hon, there are heaps of people who are attracted to both sexes, and it’s normal, it’s OK. It just means you’re attracted to people rather than their gender.”
“Are you bisexual?” I asked. “Well, I prefer women mostly, but if I meet a guy that I want to be with, then that’s ok too” she explained. “I struggled with it when I was younger, but now, I just go with what feels right at the time. It’s never let me down, my gut instinct.”
“So what happens now?” I asked. She smiled at me, looking me in the eye. “Well, my gut instinct is telling me that this is going to be a really enjoyable holiday if we spend more time together. What’s yours telling you?”
I felt no pressure to answer immediately, and I took a moment to consider. I felt absolutely equal to her, even though she was older than me, even though she had pursued me and even though she was obviously keen to see me beyond this evening. I had never felt that my needs were valued in this way; it was up to me and my gut instinct.
“It’s telling me that this feels good and it feels right. It’s telling me to enjoy my holiday too!”
“I like your gut instinct!” she laughed as she pulled me in to her.

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