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by Avenge
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I don't understand you at all. And yet, I understand you completely.
Understand You

I don't understand you at all
You are so confusing
It's hard to keep track of you
We are so different
Your likes and interests differ from mine
There are many reasons
To make us seem we should be enemies

I don't understand you at all
Your actions are so different
From everybody else's
You do things most don't
You think things most wouldn't
Where most would fall with their thoughts
You stand and hold onto them
And make them your own

I don't understand you at all
You're feelings are stranger than most
You have enough emotions for you to switch genders
And yet,
It defines you as a better person
You are sweeter than honeysuckle,
And just as gentle
Your rage destroys all in its path,
And then your guilt rebuilds it
Your sorrow touches strong hearts
And your happiness brings smiles

I don't understand you at all
With your confusing interests and likes
With your different actions and thoughts
With your sensitive emotions

And yet. . .

Somehow, I like seeing your interests and likes
Somehow, I admire your actions and thoughts
Somehow, I feel your sensitive emotions
Somehow, I end up understanding you

I don't understand you at all
And yet, I understand you completely

And you made me understand
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