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Sixty year old Julia spent the night in the arms of Brett. Is she too old for love?
Julia and Brent

         Filtered sunlight reflects off of the rustic fawn bathroom tile and brightens the whole room. The tile floor feels cold under Julia’s bare feet, but the chill doesn’t extend up her beautiful long legs peaking out of her white Capri’s. “I guess my sandals may have been left by the fireplace.” There is a hum in the air around her as she smiles with a look of complete contentment and a bit of wicked pleasure. She leans forward over the bathroom sink and peers into her reflection in the mirror to make sure her makeup is just right around her large aqua eyes, she adds a bit more highlighting on her brow bone.

         Julia can smell the pine trees, thick in this area of the Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe. A soft cool breeze wafts through the open window and caresses her exposed arms and torso. Her nipples tighten under the lacy raspberry bra she’s wearing and she shivers more in delight and remembrance than from the cool breeze. Julia wonders where her blouse landed?
As she goes through her morning routine, she senses Brett before she feels him run his hands, oh so lightly, up and down her arms. He leans into her back and nuzzles her hair and neck, inhaling deeply, loving the smell of this woman. A bit breathless, he asks how she likes her eggs. Julia feels the full length of him and the masculine potency of his body.

         “Hmm”, she murmurs. Her back arching, she reaches back and runs her fingers through Brett’s thick silver hair, still damp from their showers. Lowering her arms, Julia meets Brett’s eyes in the mirror, liquid aqua to sultry brown, and they both smile.
Raising an eyebrow, Brett says, “And?”.

         Julia’s hand touches the base of her neck and she frowns, her eyes blinking rapidly.

         Grinning, “your eggs?” Brett reminds her and laughs that musical laugh.

         “Oh, oh, eggs … um, scrambled, please. Thank you, Handsome”, she giggles, blushing, embarrassed to be caught enjoying his touch so much. He pats her butt and moves down the hall saying “ready in five.”
And as Julia giggles and turns her head toward his receding voice she spots it. There on the doorknob is her missing blouse hanging neatly on a hanger. “How did he slip that in here?” she wonders.

         Julia Grant feels like she is thirty not the sixty that the calendar maintains. Wow, that man can sure make a woman feel, well, just so feminine, she thinks. No, that’s wrong. Just “feminine” certainly does not do it justice, she chides herself as red creeps up her neck. He is an exceptionally erotic and very sensuous lover. Where did he learn that sex-pertise? Is it just natural or did he have a tutor, or …?

         Brett made glorious love with such honor and reverence and hungry lust to every part of her, she never would have guessed that he was fifty-seven. The seduction started when they finally met, using first his voice, which has a beautiful baritone timber, and continued with the light feel of his guiding hand leading her out of the Sacramento airport. As she taps her recollections, Julia believes no part of her was left untouched! All of her five senses were included. She shivers as she thinks of the things he did to and for her last night. And the things that she did, which puts color on her cheeks once again and reminds her of the tenderness she’s feeling in one of the places that he stroked very thoroughly. Some sore muscles as well. She hasn’t felt this profoundly pleasured in … well, in … well, a very long time.

         “I am so glad that it’s not too late for me.” she reminds herself happily. There had been entirely too many discouraging days, when Julia thought that she was too old and wrinkled to arouse the interest of a man. Not any more!
As she packs up all of her potions, brushes and other paraphernalia, she hears Brett’s beautiful, resonant voice singing in Italian, and she smells the aromas emerging from the kitchen, coffee the foremost scent on the air.
A man that can put a beautiful meal on the table is a treasure, she muses. Dinner last night was a culinary delight and from the smell of applewood smoked bacon wafting her way, she knows that breakfast will be truly delicious. Although, she’s so hungry from their “workouts”, anything would be fine, she just needs lots of whatever it is. And, thinking of last night and this morning’s couplings, she certainly has worked up quite an appetite! And that puts another blush on her face. “How many blushes is that?”

         “What am I doing? I’m sixty years old and I’m acting like I’m half of that age. Are the kids going to think I have lost my mind? Have I lost my mind? Oh, but the sex was …” Julia pulls her mind back from going down that road. A veil of excitement and fright blankets her and she trembles. What will she learn about Brett today? What will she disclose to him?

         Julia slides her feet into sandals, grabs her medications and vitamins then walks down the hallway buzzing with excitement and trepidation. What outcome will today deliver?

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