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by priti
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A positive thought can turn the most impossible to possible.
This post is not for those who never thought of changing their life themselves and hardly care about it. It is for those who want to change their life and make it a better place. The post is for those people for whom happiness and joy are the biggest gifts of God. It is for those who were wrong in their life and now they have learned that happiness is within ourselves. ........

We waste a lot of our time thinking that someone will come in our life and from thereon our life will take a new turn.This is insane. The positive attitude lies within us. Positive thinking is a game of mind. What we think, we become like that. Yes, its true. That is why our former president of India Mr. Abdul Kalaam rightly say dream about your ambitions. The more we think about them, the more our mind works on and prepare us for the challenges.

We make so many complains when we are not able to get what we desire for. We should see life like an open book. Don't close ourselves inside boundaries. Dream about our ambitions. Get a clearer picture, work on it. No positive results......... again change the planning, again go for it until it is achieved. After all the fun is not in what we achieve but it is in achieving it.

Live your life with full zeal and enthusiasm. Don't cry over one thing. Success and failure are life long processes. They come to us in various forms. We just have to be smart enough to recognize the right opportunities and move in the right direction. We even learn more from our past failures and experiences. So failures should not be looked down upon. They are as much important as success in our life.

It is important to take advice from experienced persons. But relying too much on others advice, pulls our self confidence back. We then loose self decision taking power. The wise step is take advice, think will the advice rightly fit on us or get an idea from the advice and mix the advice with our efforts. Always remember no one can better judge us than ourselves.

Challenges are met all through the life. But that does not mean we should stop enjoying in life. Work on the challenges, fall in to right things and people, take decisions with your brain, plan the challenges and enjoy accomplishing the goals. This will make our life more enjoyable, less stressful and will carry away our worries.

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