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Rated: E · Documentary · Educational · #1930055
It is about starting over and getting a second chance in life.
A New Hope
By: White Buffalo Wolf

         I was born Friday, January 01, 1965 at 00:00 hrs on the Yurok Indian Reservation in Del Norte County, California. Both my parents died on this date on the hour I was born nonetheless. My mother died giving birth to me. My father was found dead on the highway heading to the Indian Reservation I was born on. I was born at home with the only witness there were my parents family and my sisters and their mother and my Native American parent and there kids. My relative all argued about how someone needed to take me and raise me. The only people that was willing was my Native American parents and my Aunt Helga.
         My immediate family thought that I should be raise by one of them and my Aunt Helga agreed with the Native American family but wasn't going to argue with the rest. So she told them she would take me in under the circumstance I lived on the Native American reservation with her everywhere she live in north, central and south America. The reason everyone except my Aunt Helga Campbell wouldn't raise me was because I had a lot of medical problems and they all thought I would die in 6 months to a year. Some of the medical problems were asthma, hypoglycemia, and many others. They all agreed and my aunt raised me since then. We moved every month letting my Uncle Juan Pedro Lopez come and check on me and my health. 6 months went by and we moved 5 time since my birth. My aunt and my future wife's parents arranged our marriage when we were 2 months old. My uncle had been coming as promised to make sure I had all my shots and he checked to see if I was getting better or worse.
         He would report my status to the rest of my relatives and to my Native American family. Even though he knew I was still alive. He yet again had doubt that I would live long. This time he said I would die at the age of 5. So he would keep in touch with me and my aunt to see where we were and he would do is monthly visits to check on me. My Native American family stated that I would cheat death many time and survive any elements I had that would try to take my life. They were right just like he was partially correct on predicting that I would die.
         The first couple times I died was from my having a severe asthma attack and my glucose level dropping to low. Then the last time I had a near death experience was from a heart attack and stroke at the age of 5. When my uncle came to visit me and my aunt. She told him about it and he said that he will have to keep me monitored so she took on the job since she was raising me. My uncle was surprised that with all my medical problem some of them had gone and yet a new one appeared every time. He has been keeping a eye on me since then by talking to all medical facilities to see if I came in for any reason letting them know my condition and telling them to call him ASAP when they see me there in the facility.
         Me and my aunt still moved around and by now I had been being home schooled since I was a year old. I also started military and Native American schooling at the age of 3 as well as college. My uncle again after hearing about me surviving a heart attack and a stroke still thought I might die but this time it would be from the stroke or heart attack if I would have anymore between the age of 5 to age 10. I moved from living in all 50 states in the US to living in all 10 or so territories in Canada and Mexico as well as half of central America by the time he found out about me having my first heart attack and stroke. I was either six or seven when me and my aunt finished central America and also finished south America as well.
         We moved to Australia and live in every part of it moving from territory to territory every month. I had to transfer from school to school every time I moved but I was also homeschooled as well 365 days a year. My uncle still kept in touch with us and made sure I was still up to date with all my medical shots and needs. We moved to Asia and live everywhere in Asia By this time in my life I had been shot, stabbed and jump each assault nearly killing me. I was kidnapped by military militia's that recruited kids and trained them to kill and be suicide bombers. This started in central America and kept happening till we moved to Asia.
         It also happened in some parts of Asia but not in the orientals territories or Israel. I didn't live in Israel till after I was close to 10. Which by this time I had practiced every known religion in the world and accepted Christ in my life but that didn't stop me from practicing all of them at once and learning more from them as well. I also lived in every part of Africa and there I had issues with being kidnapped and forced into the military militia's there as well. When I reached Europe I was close to 10 and my magic level in sorcery was out of hand. My uncle and many others told me I needed to learn to control my powers or they were going to bind them. I also by this time had 3 more stroke and heart attacks. I had my first grand mal seizure. My uncle was surprised to hear I'm still alive and kicking. He got worried when he heard about the stroke and heart attack caused by the grand mal seizure. By this time I thought he would have gotten it that death won't take me. I also by this time had tried to kill myself more than 30 time trying something new each time. My uncle did some test to see if I was physically and mentally stable. He learned I had grown out of some of my elements that they all thought would kill me but got some new ones as well. The new one were mental though so he needed to get his friend who was a psychiatrist to come and run some test to see if he could confirm his diagnosis of mental health issues since he wasn't licences in that field of study. He did but said that he want to see me back in the states to do a full diagnostic. My uncle stated at this point he think I most likely will die from the stroke and heart attacks if I keep having them or I might end my life somehow by the time I was done traveling and came back to the states. My future wife and I had been keeping in contact and she was the main reason I'm still alive.
         By the time I came back to the US I had already joined the military in Russia, China, Japan and also became an Israeli Mossad. My rank in the military was a Major when I came back to the US and was living here. I joined the carny life here In the US when I got back and was working for the carnivals here in the US from 1977-1998. In 1977 I was recruited into the Navy Seals cause of a incident that happened on the day that the military people were at the carnival doing there thing. Me and one other Retired military veteran black out and attacked each other when the fireworks went off.
         It took all the military personnel that were there plus others to pull me off the guy but I don't remember much of the incident except what was told to me by my co-workers and all the military people there. The reason I ended up in the military was because the Navy seal general that was there told the recruiter to recruit me to keep me from ending up in prison for the incident. He recognized that I had a military background cause of the fact that I didn't know what happened. They call this condition P.T.S.D. which any event that is similar to a past drama event that had happened will send a person into a flashback and cause them to react in the way they know best. Since I joined the Seal and got into the military I also went and joined Navy Top Gun unit and Army Ranger as well as Green Berets plus Air force special forces units and last but not least the Marine Corps Special forces units. I bounced around from one to the other as well still going to school and once in awhile working carny when I could.
         I graduated High School in 1978 was still attending college and serving in the service at the same time I made lots of friends while in the service and working carny as well as going to school. My wife died in a car accident in 1983 while pregnant with our twins I lost both her and them that day. They said she died on impact and the twins were killed to the same time. She was the passenger in the vehicle and her girl friend was driving. Her girl friend died the next day and the driver in the other vehicle died 48 hrs from the accident. I didn't find out till 72 hrs later. The way I found out about her death was I got a call while I was teaching at one of the universities in California. One of my colleagues told me that the hospital over in Washington DC called and told them to let me know my wife died in a car accident a little over 72 hours ago. I wasn't happy about the way they went about letting me know how and when my wife died let alone that both drivers that were driving also died before they decided to call.
         I had left for a while going out of the US to retain myself and I got permission from my commanding officer in the military to take some leave time for my loss. I went back to China to the Shaolin temple to finish my training as well as retain my anger. My master reminded me of the teaching and the rules that we Shaolin monks abide by. I felt at home when I was there then I came back after I finished my training and was ordained Shaolin priest and Shaolin warrior. I had spent my life training to be a Shaolin priest and warrior so it was worth going back to get my ordainment in the Shaolin ways.
         I came back to the US refreshed and went back to base and spent some time talking to all those that didn't understand why I was so calm what I did while I was away to get myself so calm and I also finished my training in the special forces. I then joined the Marines in 1993 to expand my military training and better myself with a new style of discipline. I served in the US military from 1978 to 2002 was blessed with keeping my rank and meeting many new people and training with them all. I also met my now wife but back when my first wife was alive she was my best friend and second soul mate. I have been a full time military personnel with leave time to work carny since I started in 1978 and meeting people was one of my favorite things and going out to have fun as well.
         I had surgery when I was 15 not that it really matters but it was caused by me being stupid and my commanding officer and many others told me I had a choice to sign a contract that states if I want to get the surgery I had to stop all the shit I was doing that put me in the hospital. I agreed and signed the documents and have been clean since. I retired from the military in 2002 with a honorable discharge and had been staying with friends and family since I left. My Commander in the Navy Seal and many of my other commanding officers all asked me to do one thing and that was to remember 9 numbers I never asked why I just did as they requested and since then those 9 numbers have been playing in my head.
         I didn't think till I was talking to my anger management counselor one day about my past and what got me to be the way I am and I mentioned my past and how I have had built a wall because I was afraid of getting close to people since all those I did get close to I lost whether it was natural death or suicide or being murdered or killed in combat. I have since been feeling refreshed since I talked to her about some of my past I just did tell my counselor about memory of my commanding officers asking me to remember the 9 number. I told my wife about the 9 number and she and I came up that the 9 numbers might have been my Social Security Number which makes since I just have to see if the Social Security Office will send me my card with my number on it so I can come pair it with the numbers I had been playing in my head since I retired from the military. Me and my wife are about to have twins she is about 3-4 month along now and I love my wife she is the best thing since my first wife died.
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