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by MandyG
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Why I Spend 420$ on Cable Every Month

The Price of Peace and Sanity in a Large Family

Mandy Grenier, Yahoo! Contributor Network

My family consists of two adults, a teenager and three young children, each with diverse likes and needs. Catering to all of us can be taxing, so when my 420$ cable bill arrives I am not in least surprised, nor do I regret it. The benefits of cable, it's multitude of uses and wide range of information and entertainment streaming right into my home is truly a necessity. Still not convinced it's worth the price? Allow me to introduce you to my family.

My domestic partner is the definition of a sports fan. The calendar in our kitchen filled with season openings and playoffs, he never misses a game. So it seemed only logical to assure we have the best sports package money can buy. He follows every sport from college events to WWE, boxing and more. On demand offers exclusive sporting events streaming right into our living for the guys to enjoy, rather than fighting for tickets and dealing with long lines and traffic. So it seems to me that we save money when we purchase every event through out the year.

With a kindergartner and two toddlers, keeping their attention is a constant job in itself. So to assure we have the widest variety of children's shows possible, our package is upgraded to the extreme. This not only allows me to choose from several channels of regular children's programming but specials and educational shows as well, leaving me time for chores and homework.We have even found ourselves using channels you would not receive with standard cable for research when doing school reports and projects.

Of course we also make sure we have access to all the movie channels for holiday shows, movie nights, slumber parties and quiet nights alone just my partner and I. We purchase on average 6 to 7 new releases from the on demand menu as well, allowing us to see new films from the comfort of our living room.

Cable is a necessity and useful tool in my home. For education, entertainment and so much more. I work as a freelance writer simply to pay for our bill each month. I still consider it a small price to pay for it's many uses and could not see our home without it.

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