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by MandyG
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This is my person review of the book " The Five Love Languages", by Gary Chapman.
Mandy's Review: Gary Chapman's

“The 5 Love Languages”.

Mandy Grenier

December 13,2012

Gary Chapman, author and director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants Inc., travels the world presenting seminars as well as hosting his radio show aired on more than 300 stations. His best selling book, “ The 5 Love Languages” is used in churches, focus groups and counseling centers across the United States. Whether used in a group or in the privacy of homes, Chapman's book has revived and strengthened the love in millions of marriages by teaching couples to understand the way in which each other shows and needs to be shown love.

The book is based around one simply yet powerful truth; People speak different love languages. If you search the internet, you will most likely find many articles on the topic of love languages. Many of these give an impression that the language is complicated, bearing titles such as “ ten ways to show your husband you love him”, or “370 ways to show marital love”. Chapman, who spent 30 years as a practicing marriage counselor has to come to the conclusion that there are five ways that people speak the language of love.

The chapters following this truth explain in detail each of the five languages which include; Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving gifts, Acts of service and Physical touch. Within each of these chapters you will find descriptions of each language, examples of actual couples and challenges that arise when they do not understand each others needs. You will also learn about some his many successful counseling sessions and the positive results they have yielded. Each language concludes with a helpful list of tips for nurturing your spouse’s need for love in that particular category.

This book is not only informative and eye opening, but thought provoking as well. At the end of each chapter you will find challenging questions, motivating you to take a deeper look internally and question all you believe to know about your marriage. Both the book and it's website offer a series of quizzes for your and your spouse to take, identifying your primary love language. But this piece of literature is not just for couples who are struggling, anyone can use this resource to enhance your relationship.

My long term boyfriend and I decided to read this book together, took the quizzes and discussed what we discovered about ourselves. I recommend “The 5 Languages of Love” to everyone as it has taken our relationship to intimate levels of understanding we never knew possible. I gained a deep understanding for his needs and learned more about myself at the same time. I can say with honesty that this book has changed my relationship and my life.

For more information on his book, please visit www.5lovelanguages.com .Along with this amazing book, Chapman has also published similar titles for singles and children, just as informative and life changing as the first.
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