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Intelligence may be what is harming societies.
  Looking at things in a different perspective is sometimes a completely new adventure. All over the world there is the common assumption that the human, the most intelligent of all beings, is foremost in our cultures as varied as they may be. Humans dominate every other creature on this earth in some manner. Control is a major activity of our species. From consumption of many species to mass murder of others with chemicals such as mosquito control. Brutal methods are used in the mass production of meats, fish and poultry from growing conditions to the processing plants used to prepare them for market and consumption by those who have no idea how to forage on their own. However, there is a vast difference from one extreme to the other in the way a human thinks and acts compared to those members of the animal kingdom. Humans have that special ability to communicate verbally with one another, think, plan and create tools they deem useful in their endeavors.  Humans seem to have no qualms about destroying and polluting natural resources or killing for sport and pleasure. There is a varying degree of character traits that ranges from the meek and mild to the tyrannically powerful who would rule all others as they deem fit.  Horrible wars are common and the mass murder for difference of beliefs or customs  is the basis of hate for one another. Humans are major carriers of diseases which often lead to lethal plagues for masses. Their production methods also create huge problems for the food chain in the insect and animal worlds through chemicals and devastation of natural habitats. 

Animals and insects have lesser forms of intelligence as evidenced by their lack of progress in society. Left alone they tend to stay with their own kind. They seldom mix with other breeds of their same scientific family group. They hunt and kill as a necessity of survival for themselves and their young. They have no need for religious cults, mechanical harvesting methods of natural resources or creating languages. Aside from natural bodily functions they do not pollute land and waters of the world. Bees and other insects  live in colonies but do not advance socially.

A human suddenly transported to another part of the world  has to learn a new culture and language to fit in. Do the same with animals and/or insects and they have to learn nothing new unless there are climate differences. They instantly adapt, communicate with one another, and go about life as if nothing had changed. Throughout History it is known that overpopulation of animal and insect species is controlled by nature with fires, famine, floods, and diseases. Humans have struggled to overcome nature with it's natural process to create overpopulation in order to stave off the inevitable end of individual life. Survival of the fittest is the rule everywhere in the world except in human cultures and those controlled by humans. Natural beauty is often changed or destroyed by human architectural designs or engineering methods. 

Thus, my theory is that intelligence has over evolved to the point that it will eventually become the victim of it's own uncontrollable desire to improve on a master creation of unknown origin. The lesser beings will survive while nature goes about it's planned purpose of regulating her garden of life. Intelligence may not be the smartest after all.
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