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A virus that enhances the body. But at what cost?
You don't know me, but i know you. You see, our lives have been entwined, and there's nothing to stop it now. The next few days will be totally different and maybe even dangerous, but don't worry, i know you'll be fine, maybe even more than fine. I'm getting off subject! So anyway, like i said the next few days will be different, and it will likely change you, for better or worse. So with that note, I'll leave the rest to you. See you soon and good luck.

I awoke, dazed and groggy, ugh maybe some breakfast will wake me up
"Leo! Come, get up! We're gonna be late!" a woman called from downstairs, wait a sec. Who's in my house!? I got up and sat at the end of the bed. Hold on another second. This isn't my house!!!! Where am i? I got up and walked over to a dresser standing up at the wall in front of the bed. Okay still me, but still not in the same house. Clothes lay at the end of the bed with a note.
'Get dressed and go downstairs, don't worry.' The note said. I did as it told and head downstairs only to be greeted by a woman in her mid-20's, black hair with blue highlights, and pigtails that reached to her waist,
"Took you long enough!" the woman said, "you ready to go? If we leave now we can still make it to The Facility."
"Yeah, sure" i replied, she took my hand and led me to a garage. I got in the passengers seat of a sports car and she drove us onto a road. A few minutes passed by and silence filled the air. I decided to break the silence.
"Where are we going exactly?" i asked
"Where we always go of course, to The Facility." she answered
"What's The Facility?" I asked
"Stop playing dumb, Leo, you know what it is." she said frustratingly
"Okay, fine, then i'll ask one other thing." I said
"Fire away" she said
"Who the hell are you?" I asked, searing.
She widened her eyes then slammed on the brakes. She started trembling, her head hung down to where her hair covered her face.
"Has it really happened? Do you really have no memory?" she asked in a sad voice, trying to choke down a sob
"I'm sorry, but have no idea what you're talking about." i told her
"Then i guess it couldn't be stopped..." she said as she looked at me, tears filling her eyes, "I failed to keep our promise, i'm sorry. So sorry, Leo" she finally broke down she cried for a good 5 five minutes then wiped her eyes and started driving again,
"I'm sorry about that." i said
"No, it's fine, i should have known this, but i was an idiot for hoping for somethig that never would've happened. So is your memory completely gone?" she asked
"That's the thing, i have memories, but they're different." i said
"How so?" she asked
"I have memories of living in a different house, and a different area, and no one else lived with me." i said, "So who are you exactly?" i asked
"Well for starters, my name is Rosaria, and I'm your older sister." she said
"Well i don't imagine how we could be related. I mean, look at me, you are way too pretty to be my sibling." i said, she laughed at my statement
"Well it's true, we are from the same parents." she said
"Speaking of which. What about our parents? Are they-?" i asked
"They're dead." she said, "Died from the Great Epidemic."
"So am i living with you then?" i asked
"Yes, for the time being." she said
"Whats the Great Epidemic?" i asked
"A disease spread across the U.S. It came from nowhere and started changing people. That's all i know. You'll have to ask Kay about the rest." she said
"Kay?" i said
"A professor that has offered to help try to cure you while studying your disease at the same time." she said
"Wait. So you're saying i was affected by the Great Epidemic?" i asked
"Yes, but somehow it didn't do anything to you, Kay said you were something called a Resonanator. For now you should get some sleep, though, you looked exhausted this morning." she said, and i started to notice, i was really tired, i relaxed and shut my eyes. I didn't dream. I saw only blackness, i couldn't see a thing.
You need to stay calm. Once you wake up, there's no turning back, you'll change, like i said, for better or worse. Do you want to move on?
"I-I don't know. What happens if i go back?" i asked
If you go back, we will never meet, and the world will fall into darkness.
"How will it fall to darkness? I don't understand." i said
That's not for me to say, but, if you continue on this path, you will have an answer.
"Well there's really one obvious answer." i said
I understand. I hope you're ready.
I opened my eyes, the light was blinding, Rosaria had woken me up.
"It's bright..." i said weakly
"You were asleep the whole time. So i can see why." she said
We stepped out of the car, a glass house stood tall in a huge grass field surrounded by a wall of trees. Talk about secluded, the silence that this place had was relaxing, this must be The Facility. The house had a huge porch with marble pillars and a wooden swing. We walked up the steps and Rosaria approached the door. An electrical whirring sounded off, and a small camera flew in front of Rosaria
"State your business" the camera said with a mechanical voice
"I'm here with patient number 02469 for examination and research." Rosaria responded
"Business verified. Clearance code Pheta. Welcome Rosaria and Leo Maleaux." the Camera said
"Maleaux?" I said puzzled
"Yeah, we have some pretty international heritage from a lot of places. It's kinda hard to keep up with." Rosaria said with a smile
The door opened, a woman in her 30's, tall, dirty blond hair. She wore a white blouse with a short, tight skirt and a lab coat.
"Hey you two!" She said
"Is this-?" i said
"Oh. Right, this is Kay." Rosaria said
"So it's happened, and sooner than we thought." Kay said
"Yeah he dropped the bomb on the way here, hit me in the heart." Rosaria said. Okay, that made me feel like crap, but what can you do.
"So what do you do, exactly" i asked Kay
"I work for a large research group called Omega Sect. we study rare or unknown diseases and try to also find a way to cure them." Kay said, "Now that that's out of the way, why don't you guys come in."
"sure" Rosaria answered
The inside was even more amazing than the outside of the house. Once we walked in, there were three doorways and a stair case. Kay gave me a tour of the place, one of the rooms had instruments, LOTS of instruments. Another was a living room with a couch and two recliners with a coffee table in the middle. The last was a big dining room with one of those long tables that you would see in those castles on tv.
"Alright now that you know the place, it's time to go down to the REAL Facility." Kay said with a smile that lit the whole room.
"where is it exactly?" I asked
"Right under your feet" Kay replied
I looked at the floor, did i mention that the whole house had hardwood floor? guess not. Kay lead us to the living room then we headed left to a long hallway and took a right into a laundry room.
"Don't worry, our laundry isn't actualy done here." Kay said as she approached one of the washers. She turned the timer knob back and forth a few times and then hit the start button. A cranking sound came from the washer and then the back of it opened up to a deep, dark, and dank cave. Kay crawled in, then Rosaria, and lastly, me.
"So this leads to the real Facility?" I asked
"Yes, and i know what you're thinking, but no, this cave is the only thing appalling." Kay said
Relief set in and a light started to appear in front of us,
"Code name, Isis is here for testing." Kay said. A loud sound was emitted from the light and we jumped out of the cave. If you have extremely pale skin, and think nothing could be paler than you. Think again, this Facility was white, like really white, and everywhere. Not a single thing wasn't white.
"Leo, if you could step onto the glass pedestal, please, that'd be great." Kay said
"Uh, sure." i said, unsure
The pedestal stood at the center of the room while white walls stood around it. Okay, why would you need protective walls if you were only studying something. I don't like where this was going, at all. I stood on the pedestal and waited for the needles to shoot out and impale me, but instead of needles, i got those little sticky things that you would put on a person if he (or she) was in an ambulance. a beeping thing started to go off,
"Leo, relax we are just monitoring your body functions." Kay said
"Leo? Are you okay? Do we need to stop?: Rosaria said with a worried look on her face
"No, I'm good, just nervous." i said reassuringly, which seemed to have calmed her
"It seems his brain is fine, just not his synapses," Kay looked at a screen that showed something about me, "particularly the synapses that are connected to his memory banks." Kay said
"Well can you fix it?" Rosaria asked
"Yes, and we have medicine he could take to stop any further damage. But his memories he already lost, can't be recovered. I'm sorry." Kay said with a sad look
Rosaria backed up and started to run out of the Facility, crying. I wanted to go after her, but she probably needs some time to accept it.
"Leo, do you want to go to her?" Kay asked
"No... Just finish the tests." i said as my vision was getting blury, but i wasn't crying. Why did this have to happen to Rosaria? Why? Why? WHY!?
"Leo? Hey, Leo. Leo?!" Kay called out, but i couldn't speak, couldn't think, my body started to heat up.
Okay, you need to focus. If you lose concentration, this place will become your Observatory.
"Will anything bad happen if it does?" i ask, not sure if i was speaking out loud or thinking it
No.. but do you really want this place to be your Obsever Den?
"I don't know. But if i don't, i need to get out of here before anything happens" i said
Let me take you to the destined place where you will reside.
And that's the last thing i remembered before i blacked out.
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