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A man getting peace
As I stand here and cry on this lovely day
I hear what the preacher has to say
He raises your hands and announces your name
Now that your's and his last will be the same
Two has now become one in the lord's eyes
And I watch him kiss what used to be my prize

So I lower my head so not to be seen
As you pass, you and him just beam

I lay in my bed with candles aflame
In a notebook I scribble down your name
Over and over 'til the ink bleeds through
I decide to put an end to him and you
I open my drawer and pull out my gun
And away to your apartment I run

And I lower my head, so not to be seen
On my way to show you what I mean

I get to your place and knock on your door
I feel the rush as feet hit the floor
"Who is it," he ask with a strong, deep voice
The answer, I'm sure, won't make him rejoice
I knock again and the door swings open
My hand grabs his throat and I start choking

Now I raise my head because I've been seen
Pull my gun and blow him to smithereens

As his blood and life fall to the ground
Our eyes meet and you know you're going down
You try to run but a bullet catches you
In the back but the wound is through and through
The last thing you see is the pain on my face
I train on you and send you to a better place

Now I lower my head on this scene
And laugh at the fallen king and queen

I reach down and take the ring from your hand
You won't be buried with his wedding band
I put it away and head back to the door
And leave behind the carnage of before
I step outside and head back to my home
Now at peace with the fact I'll be alone

And I lower my head so not to be seen
Knowing that tonight, you won't haunt my dreams
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1930494