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by Aoharu
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A story about a boy and his world.
Benjamin (Original Fiction) -Intro-
By: Aoharu

Benjamin, or Benny as he preferred to be called, was born a very peculiar child. Strange things were always of interest to him. Even when he was a little child, he would always see all sorts of various creatures sulking around the town. Fascinating creatures, they were! One small thing that should to be mentioned, they weren't in his head at all.

Benjamin's life had, even since his birth been somewhat tragic. But, so was almost everyone else's life in the dreary world that Benny lived in. Someone could say that that they were all like a gray mob in the town of Perirrlom, which wasn't very make different than the other towns.

Some even go as far to say... that those strange looking creatures are the ones responsible for all the bad things happening ever since they came. But, a lot of experts say that's just human nature. No one ever said it was a good thing, though.

Benjamin resided in a house near the edge of town. Even though, his house saw minuscule, it was filled with many people living or running in and out. A total of 12 people lived in that house, including the dog that lived up the alley and the cat that never came out of its hiding places. The house was a bit worn but, it severs its purpose well. Or at least, well enough for the family to live in. It seemed that no matter how rich someone was or what valuable possessions someone had in this town, their house still had eerie ding to them.

Maybe it was human's doing, maybe the creature's doing, maybe it was nature, maybe it was nothing... No one knew for certain, but it made all the humans felt icky, like slimy bugs were crawling slowly on their bare skin, with increasing pressure.

Life was dreary; so much in fact, a lot of the townspeople would come to think that nothing so significant beyond daily life with a few ups and downs, would happen to them, to Ben, to his family, to the creatures, to everyone, to anyone.
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