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Chapter One of Benjamin.
Benjamin (Original Fiction) -Chapter One-
By: Aoharu

Watching, with intense, narrow eyes that could pierce you in half, the creature who had these eyes was no original creature. Or at least, anyone who saw the creature thought so, if they even ever saw it.

This creature was not one of the special strange creatures that roamed and lurked in the shadows. Some of the strange creatures were afraid of the natural sunlight, some were very sensitive to the sunlight, and some, even still, were curious about the sunlight. Why was it there? Why was it coming closer? Did it have any mysterious properties?

This creature with narrow piercing eyes often wondered about those strange creatures. This creature was a simple, subtle, mysterious one that likes to hide. Ever since it had been brought to the house, it ran under the porch and never came out for anyone who called. But, that doesn't mean the creature lurking and sneaking around. Some of the townspeople whispered to each other as the creature walked down the street, their whispers consisting of mainly about what side the creature was on, was it with the other creatures?

The creature had no idea why they would think that, for the creature was a cat. What harm could come from a simple, small cat? Sure, its aura was intense and dark; its fur could be considered quite strange. If you ask around the town, a lot of them would be that cat was black, but no one actually looked carefully. The cat's color actually was black and white splotches all over, and with shiny amber eyes. The cat creature sadly has no name.

The other creature was a very excited, friendly one. This creature, like many other creatures, lived among the people, but everyone saw this creature and not the others. This creature did not live with the Morrilton's, Ben's family, but lived beside them, in the alleyway. This creature was considered part of the family. The creature was a family pet, a dog. No, really. It goes up and down the alleyways, barking variously. Just a normal dog. A normal, regular dog with light brown, short fur, with brown eyes, that could sense when something was distraught. Just like any other normal dog. Except without a name.

While the cat creature hides from everyone, the dog creature loved to make its presence known. While one's shy and the other's outgoing, both are gentle and kind. These nameless creatures of nature knew what the others didn't, what the others couldn't see or hear. The others being the humans, or at least, most of them. Except for that one girl, of course, who never spoke, and yet watched everyone who passed her wall. The fact was very annoying to both the dog and the cat. The dog ignored the feeling and continued being happy, meanwhile the cat pondered over the feeling and feelings grew from the original one. The cat creature and the dog creature lived in the same area, but did not often see each other, today however, was an exception.
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