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An empath trying to get by everday without being killed by others like him.
Ugh, the emotions that linger in this place are overwhelming. Can't wait to get outta here. The restaurant had tables with people occupying all of them. Except for one. I was greeted by a waitress who was very cheery,
"How many people?" she asked with a smile
"Just me" i said as i smiled back, emotions are so meaningless and worthless to me, but, if i am to fit in, it's what i gotta do.
She led me to the table i saw empty earlier and sat me down,
"What can i get you to drink?" the waitress asked
"Diet whatever" i said she nodded and smiled at me, she was thinking i was pretty hot, for a guy, and that she may wold wanna flirt but decided to just go get me the drink. How flattering...NOT!!! I started to sense a poignant and bothersome essence that hung around the table. A couple sat here, college students, i think, just graduated, and planning on how to break the news to both of heir families that they were getting married. Love, yet another emotion that i find worthless, and stupid. Oh by the way, if i haven't told you already, my name is Iba (that's pronounced ee-bah), i'm an empath and a contact psychic, which means in order for me to know what has happened, i would have to touch that object the person (or persons) interacted with, but, i can automatically sense anything happening in the present near me. It's just the past that i have to touch things, maybe even people. As penalty for these "abilities" i have, my emotions were wiped out almost completely, and for whatever reason, i have no idea why, i have to do a certain action in order for me to continue being a sane person. Wanna know what happens if i don't? I go catatonic and pretty much autistic as well, i freak the hell out and go berserk if anyone even got a centimeter near me. What i do to stay sane? I have to count, doesn't matter what, just as long as i count whatever it is and all of it that's around me, such as people for example.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
I could go on and on, and now, i have to,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
"Here is your drink," the waitress said, "now then, what can i get you?" she asked pulling out a small notepad and pen
11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
"I'll have the hearty meat lovers special pizza." i said with a smile, ugh this is making me irritable, i mean even more than usual
"Alright, i'll be around if you need anything" she said with that same stupid smile
"Thanks" yet again i smiled right back... this is pushing me borderline rage.
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
A splitting headache just shot through me, i winced. Wait, my head, i can't feel emotions anymore, a can't even read minds, something or someone is blocking me with their abilities. Must be a Wall, great, now i have to leave without eating, whoever this is or whatever this is, you're gonna wish you hadn't crossed paths with me. AND you owe me a pizza... Oh wait,
21,22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, AND 30!!! Done...
I made my way outside and the headache was getting lesser and lesser. I got in my car, and drove away. Could i go a single day without being challenged by another Gifted? I got to my apartment complex and parked my car, made my way to the lobby, then elevator, then to my room. Relief set in as i unlocked the door and went inside, i see the psy barriers i put around my aprtment still works. I set my keys on my night stand and got in bed. I woke up the next morning with yet another Wall attack, by the way, Walls are people who, instead of reading emotions and thoughts, block them completely, leaving people like me, vulnerable.
"You're the one..." a teen girl, with an emotionless tone said, as she walked in. This girl was definitely one of the Gifted, black hair with highlights of white, and a black dress.
"I'm sorry, but, who are you?" i asked, ticked
"My name is Lyssa." she said
"Well what do you want?" i asked, "And could you please lower your psy Wall?"
"Yes, of course," the psychic hangover subsided, "as i said before, i am Lyssa, and i have come to find you and protect you."
"Why me?" i asked
"You have been located by the Gensen Corperation and i, out of my own free-will, have come to you." she said
Great, i've been found and i have to deal with Lady Mystery here, i guess it was getting a bit boring here. Time to go on the run.
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